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    Hello to everyone,

    I will try to introduce myself and explain you my story.
    I am 36yo men from France.

    I am addicted to webcam site since 2011, at the beggining it was a nice place to think about something else after a long day of work, I went on this kind of site not more than 1 time a week, then more and more until I lost all my saves ...

    I am an old hardcore gamer and I was a long time in my life alone, or I forced myself to be alone for that.

    Recently I realize that my addiction to webcam girl is terrible, I have no money anymore.
    I spent all on only 1 girl, everytime the same, I gave her all. Now I am in a phase with a lot of shame.
    I need help I don't know how to start to avoid this kind of website, since the 10th of june I didnt spend money but I am feeling so anxious, I think only about her :( It like I am controled but someone.
    I blocked all with opendns, remove her from social network, deleted all my account, also started a soft therapy but I still have pulsion...

    If you have some tips or else, feel free to contact me.
    Thank you!
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  2. idonthaveaname

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    Don't feel shameful. It may not be something to be proud of but you fell into a trap set up by the webcam girl. It may be harsh but if you don't know her personally and if she doesn't know you personally, then she probably doesn't care about you at all. She probably is in a relationship of her own and is interested only in your money frankly because that's her "job." I might make you feel sad but you've got to accept the truth. Once you've done this, things will probably start clearing up. Welcome to NoFap and good luck!
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  3. nilahh

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    I did that 6 months only with her, I wouldn't say I know her personnaly but we exchange outside of her working time. Thank you for your words, it will help :) It's difficult to forget this time but I will be strong !
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  4. idonthaveaname

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    I'm happy I could help! Just stay determined and never give up. Make firm decisions and you'll get through this just fine. Once again, good luck.
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  5. Welcome to NoFap.

    Good luck on your journey!
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  6. Hello there... :)
    Welcome to the community! :)

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  7. nilahh

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    Thank you very much guys, I am now at 23 days, staying strong. When I will have more time I will try to write a journal!
    Next step : eat heathly and workout...

    I am still thinking of "her" but less and less every week!
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  8. nilahh

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