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    I am new here on this forum. I just joined today. I am a 23-year-old male that has been struggling with this addiction for a decade.
    This is how porn has changed me. Before I became addicted, I was a very competitive person. I always wanted to be the best and strived to be the best. I also had no social anxiety and often spoke my mind. Before pmo, my view on love was very innocent and the girls that I used to have a crush on are by no means "Hot" by the standards of porn. I used to have a big crush on a girl just for the way she carries her self, the way she smells, and the way she smiles.
    Porn has given me this shell that numbs all the pain as well as the pleasures of life. I realized that I had missed out on important lessons on life because pmo numbed the pain from those experiences. PMO became this comfort prison that I could not get out of.
    I have started to notice negative effects and started to quit porn since around 2015. I started at first for religious reasons and at that time, I was not aware of all the unseen negative impacts pmo had on my life. Meanwhile, my life continues to spiral out of control. I began to gain weight. My hair began to thin out. My social anxiety increased. I became more passive about life. I became a pessimist. Started to have depression. life became more boring and pmo became the highlight of my day.

    I reached my lowest point last June. I realised that I have completely taken the back seat on my life. I have completely given up on life. I had nothing going for me. I was doing absolutely nothing to improve my life. I had no goals and no ambitions. I put the minimum effort in everything and the only thing I looked forward to each day was to pmo. I was the heaviest I have ever been and lived a completely hedonistic life.

    Then I started doing exercise cos my dad forced me to do it. Slowly, I got more interested my progress of losing weight. I realised that I need to optimise different factors like sleep and diet in order to really lose weight. During this time, I realised that I had never given it my all to quit pmo. I realised that if I really wanted something, I need to give absolutely everything in order to do so. I realised that my previous nofap attemptes have only managed to reduce porn use from daily to 4 days out of a week. I realised I was not willing to give up instagram or my daily binging on youtube habits. The lesson that exercise taught me was that, in order to quit pmo, I had to go all out. I had no right to say to myself that "well you tried and failed many times so it is impossible to quit", because I have never truly tried to quit pmo as I had never given my all to quit.

    Recently, I have started to take nofap very seriously and started my nofap journals and created my own nofap protocols to avoid urges and triggers at all cost. I have also started to develop my own emergency protocols to stop the urges. Reading the book "your brain on porn" has helped a lot.

    These are my reasons for doing nofap.
    1. to not be a loser anymore
    2. to not miss out on life
    3. to reclaim my lost youth
    4. to realize my full potential
    5. to live a life of no regrets
    6. to be a decent human being
    7. to truly become a man
  2. Welcome to NoFap!

    I think what you say about taking a back seat in life resonates with a lot of us on here. How are we supposed to get ahead when we spend so much time PMOing?

    Definitely quit the porn substitutes such as Instagram and any other sites that might cause temptations.

    Keep the head up and keep fighting it. In the beginning it is hard, might seem impossible even, but when we keep going it gets easier over time.

    Good luck!
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  3. Hello there... :)
    Welcome to the community! :)

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    Welcome to NoFap!!!
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