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    Hey! My name is Gaurav and Im 16 years old guy. I have been watching porn and masturbating for 2 years but not continuously. I tried a lot to quit but I couldn't then I came to know about the nofap community so I joined it. I home you guys will help me through my recovery process.
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    Welcome bro!

    You can try journaling Under 20 I believe it's helpful because it gives you that extra accountability and you can help/inspire other fapstronauts!
    I suggest reading nofap's pdf if you haven't already Getting-Started-with-NoFap.pdf at least the parts you can benefit from, as it goes over the pmo addiction in further details and Why the brain got addicted in the first place.
    Then honestly in my opinion is all about experiencing this on your own and once you are serious about quitting, so in sort you admit you are an addict and you set personal goals that you try your best to achieve no matter what, then you can figure out on your own what helps You!
    I'm so happy for you for having that self-awareness in a young age! I wish you all the best on your journey!
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