Introducing Hell month to loose weight for a reality show

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  1. So here is the story. A girl messaged me a week or so ago. I dont know her that well but she explained to me about this reality show kicking off in about a month. She wanted me to participate. So I went to an interview, talked with a psychologist etc. Now I am cleared to participate in the show on Discovery. Casting starts next week.

    I currently weigh 238 pounds. Sounds a lot but I am 6 feet 6. So I am not fat. But I am nowhere close to skinny neither. I would like to loose 20-40 pounds. The first 20 pretty fast.

    So lets do a Navy Seals style workout program for the next month and see where that takes me.

    First step is to burn a lot of calories. I am planning on running a 10K every day, 7 days a week. I want to loose somewhere around 5 pounds a week. In addition to the running, I will focus on a 4 workout split routine. Maybe 5 days. I will give 100% and see where 100% takes me. Actually 100%, not pretending. I will run until my legs break and then some more.

    I will push myself until my mind breaks and then push myself a little further. Hell week, nah. Hell month. Starting tomorrow, I expect to be hangover so its a nice day to start.

    I wont change my diet too much. Food with a lot of refined sugar and anything containing alcohol or excessive amounts of fat is something I will avoid. Besides that, I dont think my diet is the main problem. It is a typical body builder diet with a lot of proteins.

    So here goes. I wont know my potential until I actually start trying. The first month is all about figuring out my limits and adjust later.
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    Did you get these precise results with this regimen before? If so, were you even heavier?
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    How much do you work out at the moment? Careful about going from zero to super intense as injuries can set you back for a long time.

    How did day one go?
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  4. I was working out every day for a short while but catched a cold for a good 4 weeks. I have been working out 6 times a week and been running maybe a marathon a week earlier but thatd 10 years ago. First day went reasonably well. Didnt run the entire 10K. Tried fasting by only drinking lemon water but that failed after about 12 hours. I will keep trying. I wont realistically loose all the weight I want by the time the show starts. I need to focus long term. I still want to cheat a little and loose thw first 10 kg pretty fast. I am only about 10kg from being happy with my weight. From there I can focus on building muscle with the rest. If I can maintain 95kg or so at 20% body fat, thats my ideal. I am not too concerned about getting ripped. I just want to look better than most while staying healthy.
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  5. I was 13kg heavier before. I am not sure if the program is ideal. I might adjust my approach as I go

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