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    Hello guys, I hope everyone is having a good time. I am a guy who recently discovered that he has PIED. Almost 4-5 days back I went out on a date with this beautiful girl. One thing lead to another and I was in her bed in no time. She wad such an wesome girl and super sexy, the kind I ever imagined ( For real). we made out for quite a while and I gave her oral. she tried to tried to please me I couldn't get a hard on, she tried lots of sexy things but it did not work. She told me she was not upset with me but I was really embarrassed.
    I got home and tried my level best to get a boner but it didn't work at all. But very next day I did managed a half errect morning wood .
    This once happened to me last year too, but i thought it was just performance anxiety. But this time I researched and found out it was indeed PIED
    It's been 4 days since I have not touched down there but I would still casually browse naked babes online, just to check that it works. But sometimes even that doesn't help to get a boner.
    All this confusion about my condition lead me to Ted talks last night and there I heard about the website.
    So hello guys I hope and I get my cure with the help of all you lovely people .
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    Welcome! try to avoid any browsing of porn or psubs. Avoid social media sites too. You never know what (or who) will trigger you. I have often found myself lusting over facebook pics of female friends, ex gfs, random friends of friends or even finding people that i encountered in public (waitresses, baristas, receptionists etc.) it became an unhealthy obsession. Only time will heal this wound brother

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