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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by dudeface, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Hi Everyone. I'm obviously new here. A bit about myself. I'm a middle aged guy (almost 40!). I'm married with kids. I've been looking at internet porn since the summer of 1997. So over 21 years now. I've been trying to stop ever since I started. I've done pretty well at times too, but always seem to relapse. I've not been doing very well lately. My hope is that getting some other folks walking with me I can finally kick the habit.

    I was planning on keeping things simple and commit to avoiding PM for the next 6 weeks and to pray a daily rosary (I'm Catholic). That will get me past advent. I have no intentions of quitting after that, but I have found in the past that if I set smaller goals I tend to get less discouraged and have more success. Planning to chain these together. I'll post my status here each day. Should I post to this same thread or start a new one?

    If you pray, please pray for me.
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    Start a new one in the suitable category e.g. 30-39, 40+, or I guess even Christian Fapstronaughts (though that's nested in a group so may not be seen by as many folk and doesn't seem to contain any journal threads). Good luck, I found that keeping a journal here made all the difference.

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