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    Hello all, I am Prakash from India. I have tried quitting masturbation multiple times before. But it was so damn hard, I couldn't refrain. Masturbation had affected almost my entire teen and adult life. I have grown low on confidence, introvert, uncomfortable in social scenarios, cannot talk to girls and many other aspects of my life which i hate and want to get my life back on track. So I am here. I know I cannot do this alone because i have tried it on my own and failed. So its a humble request to everybody out there to please help me.
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    Welcome to the Forums Prakash, enjoy your stay! This is a great first step in the right direction. I applaud you. This will be a difficult journey but together I am sure you will arrive at your destination. Good luck!
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    Welcome! I'm glad you're here. Keep coming back!
  4. Hi Prakash,
    Thanks for being here. Welcome!
    Leaving an addictive habit is not an easy job, but .... it will be fully worth it.
    So... get some knowledge, read stories, let yourself encouraged by others.
    You are not alone in this. So connecting to others is a clue as well!
    And don't forget to create a journal.
    Writing about your daily stuff may really help you to process the issues.

    I hope you will make it a great time here!

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