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    hi everyone. I am a 27 year old. I have a gf and we been dating for about a yea and a half. This is my first time going on a website system to help me stop my addiction to porn. I did not think my porn addiction was bad until I got a gf and I realized that I could not climax while having sec with her. This caused a lot of frustration and I wanted to seek help. Not only for my delayed and most of the time no ejaculation but also I felt like I was under performing and had anxiety. Learning that it is my porn addiction affecting my relationship I decided to stop the porn addiction on my own. However I didn’t last so long. On day 4 I had a sudden urge to I masterbate to a girl’s pic. 2 days later I seeked porn videos and masterbated. So I knew this was not going to be easy and I knew I could not do this alone. So here I am.
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    Welcome, you made a good choice. Read the new to Nofap resource guide in the new to Nofap forum. Good place to start.
  3. Hi. Welcome to forum Garwoorock!

    Make sure you crate a personal journal thread in Reboot Logs section and blog there on a regular basis. As well as just generally be active participant in various forum discussions. I recommend this to everybody new here because it's the major thing that helped me when I was first starting. Just lurking on forums, reading and learning is great. But it usually is so much more powerful to engage. It helps to keep us motivated and accountable when we are active part of community. And keeps this in front of our minds so we don't forget about importance of it and slip away in our old habits.

    I would also like to suggest you to look into mindfulness meditation. It has helped me personally tremendously. It takes a while to get good at it and notice results, so you need to be consistent with it, but once you do it's very powerful. It has been used by sages for thousands of years to deal with various issues of the mind. For this reason it might carry an stereotype that it is somehow religious practice, which is not true. It it simply a brain exercise tool the same way as jogging is exercise too for body. Check out this Ted talk, it gives a good idea of what's it about when it comes to philosophy. As far as practical side of it there is this awesome smartphone app called Headspace for meditations, check it out.

    Wish you lot's of strength and success in your reboot journey!
  4. Hey @Garwoorock

    I'm just a normal ordinary member. No moderator super powers and no special insite. I share my ESH (Experience, Strength and Hope) of what works for me.

    Just another warm welcome and a heart felt hello. This community has helped me so much.

    What worked for me was "working" it. It took hard work for me to complete a hard reboot (No pmo) for 120 days, then move into a Sex Positive mode.

    First, reading the literature published by NoFap itself along with reading journals.

    Then, doing the work. Writing in my journal and replying to introductions and other's journals.

    Finally, but not least, getting involved with the fellowship. I found it on the forums, but also in people's profiles. The forums tend to be longer posts, where the profiles tend to be more "conversational".

    That is what has worked for me. I like to remind myself that this community was here waiting for me with the lights on when I arrived. Now, I have to do my best to be there when someone comes to the community.

    For me NoFap is 1/2 program & 1/2 fellowship.

    Click on these people and post a "hello" on their profiles.

    I've found that the bricks that hold this community together are cemented with the support of the members of the fellowship..


    One of the ways I got involved with the fellowship was by reading some really great journals. Reading other's stories with their victories and even defeats is a big part of my program.

    I've included journals from all age groups, spiritual members, religious members, secular members, male and female. You should find journals that help. If not, look around, there are hundreds of others from which to choose. When I say "it works if you work it", reading journals is part of that work.

    --> L

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