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  1. Hey everyone. Hope all is good. This is Moe here. I’m 22 years old. I would describe myself as an objective individual from experience - I would preserve till the end to get the job done. I have experienced a lot with failure and success in the past and I’m glad it taught me a lot of stuff.
    I started here today because I’m convinced that this may be the right way. I did struggle with porn and still do at times. But now, I’m committed to this journey. I hope this brings the best out of me and everyone else here. I’ll be starting my streak on the 1st of February. I hope all you can me out. I will try my best in helping you guys too if you need the motivation :)
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    ya brother you can do this
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    Welcome, good decision but, why on feb 1? If you are fully commited start right in this instant, do not have a romantic farewell with your addiction man, you don't want that, you want to kick it in the ass and forget about it completely. You can do this, trust me. And trust in your power
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  4. You're ABSOLUTELY right! Will do...

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