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    Hello fellows,
    I tried stopping masturbation and watching pornography a few times and sometimes I used tools like counting days on a piece of paper, but I never had lasting success. Still, I noticed differences after a few days. My max. was about 3 weeks.
    I''m convinced that pornography is not good for me at all and I would like to stop looking at it at all. At the moment, I'm at a 1-week streak, but I started masturbating a lot more as compensation and feeling unmotivated because of it. Therefore I now want to stop masturbating as well for at least 30days and see where it leads me.
    I hope to know I can tell someone (even though anonymous) that I achieved my goal each day can help me to control urges.
    Being into meditation for quite sometimes helped me a lot already.
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    Me ha pasado lo mismo que ha ti y te digo que si vuelves a llegar a los 30 días no vuelvas a caer que ya que has llegado hasta ahí...

    El problema es que cuando la gente llega a los 30 días se confían y caen.

    Ten cuidado y mucho ánimo.

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