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    Hi everyone! I’ve decided to finally get my life sorted out, and working through the PMO cycle seems to be the most effective (and affecting) way of doing so.
    I’ve been a part of NoFap before, but have given up at heart ever since my first relapse at 30 days, during last year’s september. For other reasons I eventually spiraled into a deeply pessimistic and nihilistic worldview, and am picking myself up from it now. It feels good, and this is how I want — need — to feel.
    I’ve been using the Screen Time feature to block adult content, since I hardly ever go on a laptop (managed to insert a random password, that was fun!), but need to find a way to completely brick access to softer iterations of it.
    I am excited to embark on this journey and meet as many people as I can. Thank you for reading!

  2. Hey & Welcome to NoFap Community! :)

    You are in the right place for recovery here. We are so glad to have you with us to beat this addiction together.

    You can go read some Success Stories in the "Success Stories" section to learn more about the benefits of NoFap , get useful tips and ideas to help you in the reboot.

    If you have any question about rebooting, you can ask it in the "Rebooting" section.

    And I would recommend you to make your own journal in the "Reboot logs" corresponding to your gender & age to track your everyday progress.
    You can also join challenges in the "Events & Challenges" section, to keep yourself motivated and focused.

    You may start by checking the links below:
    Learn more about Rebooting.
    Forum Usage Guide.
    List of Rebooting Ressources.
    Glossary of terms used in NoFap community.

    Best of luck to you in your journey!

    -The Winner
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  3. Hello and welcome! :)

    We are glad to have you as a part of our community. Here are some quick links to get you started.

    Getting Started Guide | How to Use the NoFap Forums | Panic Button |Day Counter | Rebooting Resources|Forum Rules | Glossary

    If you wish to keep a journal of your progress you can do so in the appropriate section found here

    There are plenty of wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable people here to help you along on your journey to a life free of PMO. I wish you nothing but the best!
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    Welcome back again. You want to feel good - phantastic! That's why you came into this world. True happiness means not to be addicted to anything. It's your choice!
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