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    Hello everyone.
    My name is Mark. I'm very glad there is a place with people who fight the same things
    I'm 27, single. Like most, i got messed with pmo since early teens, and been struggling since then.
    I managed to quit porn 6 years ago, with lots of effort and despite being hard sometimes, I've been clean since then.
    I'm still struggling with MO though and mo thoughts.
    I know it's subjective but mo is also an addiction for me and something i pursue to quit entirely.

    Finally, I'm very much motivated by challenges and collective efforts. So me and a friend of mine are considering to organize one with a bunch of fellows.
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    Great that you have signed up to the forums. I'm sure you will find a ton of information and support here which will help you overcome your addiction a little bit easier.

    I also struggle with MO. Never had a problem with porn. That's why my counter say's: 'Meeting my private goals'. Fortunately for us, MO seems to be easier to overcome than a PMO addiction.

    See you around.
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