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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Bigguy4u, Aug 19, 2018.

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    I'm so tired of this, these thoughts are tormenting me and ruining my mood. I just want to focus on other things but these thoughts keep reappearing.
    Does anyone else experience this? I've found it gets better the further into my streak I get, but as the thoughts recede I forget why I even started nofap, or atleast this happened last time. Any tips?
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  2. Write your goals and you reason down, keep this list and read it when the thoughts come. On the back list your plan and things to do when the thoughts come.
    Maybe this will help. Anything is worth a try.
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  3. This sounds a lot with my battle with alcoholism as well as porn. When I quit drinking it seemed like every couple months I felt fine. Then I would just have to drink a ass ton of alcohol and blackout and be depressed for weeks to remind myself why I quit in the first place.

    With porn I’ve had a few relapses when I felt great but just as fast as lightning strikes I’m cleaning up jizz. Then the spiral of depression and shame start all over.

    You can learn from every relapse. It’s a process...and they will become further and further apart. Just try to ALWAYS keep your guard up...even if you feel fine.

    Also I’ve come to notice that during reboot the thoughts will be gone for a while then out of nowhere they will hit HARDER than ever! It’s your brain. It’s it’s last ditch attempts to get what it wants.
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    Ive had this experience too.
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    Yes. I really started to commit to NoFap because I started having POCD. Since the brain tends to focus on the things you give attention to, the less attention and focus you give these things the better you'll get. When it shows up, ignore it. Occupy your mind with positive and productive stuff. It'll get easier the longer you go on for. Sometimes it can feel like you'll never get better (don't believe this) but as long as you take action (embrace healthier neural pathways) and don't reinforce the problem through relapsing, things should turn out for the better. Seeing a professional can go a long way too. They're educated in this stuff far better than I am and can ultimately give you better insight. Keep it up, you can do this.
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    My experience with intrusive thoughts were caused by anxiety and stress. The thought wasn't the important factor it was the act of fighting thoughts. In my life i believe that these obsessive thoughts were present because I continually fought things. Mentally. Fought to keep myself happy. Became infatuated with self help. Always trying trying trying. I became exhausted. Only when I stopped fighting. And stopped resisting things, emotions, feelings and thoughts did things start to improve. We fear these thoughts because they make us feel things we don't want to feel. If we can understand that a thought may pop up about something we don't like....we can eventually know In our minds it's just a thought. I just had a thought about taking a shit in the middle of the street. But is just a thought. Learn to laugh at your thoughts. However I found that certain thoughts have an emotional attachment to them.....and by purposely thinking these thoughts and journaling how they make me feel, multiple times over....the thought loses the emotional connection and will fade away naturally.

    Self help caused me alot of pain.but I'm glad i went through that.

    I believe managing emotions and facing them is key here. If a thought regularly haunts you... and you have an emotional reaction to that's very clear to me that the specific thought needs attention.....not distraction from it. Face them look into them write them down and imagine them. They will soon lose their power

    Take care
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