Investing Anyone Try it? Any tips

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by My Best self, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. My Best self

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    I’m curious about investing I would like to try it out but I’m not quite sure where to start
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    ETFs are relatively simple ways to start - instead of buying individual stocks in individual companies, you buy a share in a fund that holds multiple stocks in multiple companies. So rather than betting that one company will do well, you are betting that the market as a whole will do better. Randomised computer programs purchasing stocks in a variety of companies has actually been proven to be more lucrative than listening to some guy who thinks he knows what he's doing (the research actually shows those market analysts actually do poorer compared to a computer that randomly selects its investments), and ETFs are based on that same idea: bet that the market as a whole will do better.

    Not sure about near you, Canada has WealthSimple, Ameritrade, Questrade, and others. You could try TradeHero if you wanted to practice using fake money.
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    Please go to a pro adviser I sugest edward jones look it up online
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    Never cared much about investing but I took the plunge and went into daytrading for a couple of years. (If your unsure of the term it's basically buying and selling the stock right away instead of holding it long-term.) I gained the knowledge, experience as well as the resources to make millions but yet I cannot since there is a hidden factor called psychology which determines your outcome and reality in trading. Technically, I have what it takes but my mindset fails me. All those years I spent developing my technique, researching the P&D market, tweaking my trading scanners to perfection none of that mattered. It all comes down to your mentality and luck. If you ever get into markets I recommend you never get into daytrading a least not until you fix your more underlying mental issues and addictions holding you back. This is only for the realm of the humble, non-compulsive and have fairies watching over them. Since your in the nofap forums I am guessing it's unlikely you've been blessed with these qualities. Statistically why 95% of traders lose and give up in their first year.
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