Invite your future mate and prepare mentally

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by icebreaker polarstern, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Some month ago a friend here told me he was writing letters to his future wife. Isn't that a wonderful idea? However I haven't done it myself since.

    So I thought, why not do it here, together with others that are looking for a mate (boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband or simply friend).
    Instead of just waiting for something to happen or "only" talk to some potential mates, without really knowing what to do, it would be a good idea to visualize and think through what you're looking for, who you wanna invite in your life and what you yourself can do for that to happen and especially what you will do for her or him.

    I'm not talking about pick-up or dating at all. Rather about a mental process of preparation. Ideally it will give you certainty and self-confidence, positivity and attractiveness and the motivation to change your ways and make further steps towards a relation with the person you're looking for.

    I'm looking forward to hear YOUR views and YOUR story :)
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  2. Furthermore, maybe it would be good to identify ones own needs, like company, intimacy ... and so on

    As for me, I'm not even sure yet how to approach this. I think it would be good to focus on this one PERSON, instead of indulging in random fantasies with different women / bodies.
    It's only the image of a person but if this work there will be a real person to fill in this position, so to speak.
    To get closer to this person (I mean to the idea for now) I think writing letters is a suitable approach.
    So I shall start to write letters to HER in this thread.
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    I do this to self motivate myself...... I mean i imagine my future self thanking me for the work I am doing today or If i am procrastination I imagine my future self in lot of stress and pressure in all sorts of difficult situation which would be the result of me not doing anything currently ... so it motivates me by scaring me
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    I pray for my future mate. It used to be for her to appear but no longer. Instead of praying for the future love, pray that your future love lives a prosperous life or has a much better connection with life. It helps for me.
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