Irritable and hyper sensitive after relapse

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    I did so well on my last streak to reach 61 days fap free. That was until I succumbed to a relapse. Which I noted down in my journal, and identified how and why my relapse happened. So I know what should be done next time now I've rebooted for future references.

    I started the reboot with a cold bath, cooking preparing food from scratch. But also exercising with a long walk.

    But one of the worst things I've been experiencing since my relapse. Is that I've been hyper sensitive and been extremely irritable. Had severe mood swings, and being a bit of a snap-dragon and hurt those closest to me without intending to. I've felt numb and been a bit of an emotional wreck.

    Obviously the best thing to do is continue without PMO, as I did on my last streak. But now to avoid anything which can potentially cause triggers that can leads to relapses.

    If there's anything to go by, this relapse (after a long streak) has hit me like a train. Is this normal?
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