Is 100% recovery ever possible for a 36 year old guy??

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Positive path, Jul 23, 2022.

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    I started masturabation at age 16 without porn, but not compulsively, I was a hyper active kid I loved sports and enjoyed spending my time out Doors mostly, therefore I dint waste my essense to a higher extent, and as long as I remember there were times I was abstinent for months.

    However I discovered porn at age 22 and then I masturabated on weekly basis mostly on weekends.

    But from last few years I'm trying to quit this evil habbit for good.

    I'm 36 now, I'm trying NoFap since I was 34 therefore Im experienced and I'm getting better at outwitting the lust demon, I've had quite a few 100 plus days streaks and I feel great, but unfortunately I have a tendency to relapse at times, but then again I quickly get back on another long Streak.

    Currently I'm my on my 36th day with the hope to quit Pmo forever is there a possibility that I can completely recover at age 38??

    I read somewhere it said 100 %recovery is not possible for a guy that old

  2. Positive path

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    Are there Any older guys out there that could give an honest feedback???
  3. Kieran2121

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    I believe that full recovery at this age is possible. And many have accomplished that already.

    Best of luck to you. :)
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    It's very possible. I'm already seeing success by the urges are more controlled. It's harder the 2nd time meaning say come up day 7 than day 13. Eventually the bodies urges give up permanently. I'm trying to stop again. The urges now are easy to control and don't come about till day 7 or late day 6. My thing is controlling it when urges come about day 13 or day 12. I have to regonize what it is trying to do. Become powerful over the urges. I use melatonin an hour before and spray cold water on my genitals every night an hour before bed. Kills any possible urges at night it seems. Traps urges to find another place. During day, don't look at dirty stuff. If you wake up with an erection in the morning, you will want to look at something dirty. I'm learning to refuse to look. Starve the urge. Corner it. You can win as can I. I did it 150 days years back. 35 days in is when I know I'll be in basically total control. Look back at my previous posts back then here. Hope it helps.
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    I've known 5 guys personally at that age or older who've broken free from this addiction. They had to put a lot in to get to where they are today, but they were able to overcome their demons(which were really parts of themselves), and worked to create a new life for themselves. As they free'd themselves from PMO, they became aware that it had been filling a void in the very self. I can not attest to this personally, as I have yet to achieve what they have, but they all say that the only way they found to fill that void was with connection. Connection to themselves and their needs and desires, and especially connection to others; emotional intimacy and not just with their women! It's really important to have friends who support you and that you can open up to about your struggles. I hope that I too can find myself on their path. I hope that you can as well brother.
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