is 4-6 hours of sleep possible?

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    It is. I used to do it in my senior year in college. I even went sometimes a whole night no sleep. I read that 4 hours is the minimum for survival.

    That being said - it really messed me up. Don't do it. Instead, be very disciplined, cut off anything you do not need, and spend every time you have to do what you need to do. Learn to love your duties and they won't be a burden. This way, you won't destroy yourself.
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  2. Sorry to be very direct here, but this is nonsense. On average, an adult needs 7-9h of sleep.
    Of course, you can go with less and survive. However, it will not extend your life expectancy and definitely, you will not be able to learn well.
    If you want to maximize your learning success, I suggest that you get a good amount of sleep and learn intensively for 3 times 2.5-3h a day, with 1-2h breaks inbetween, in which you get some food, fresh air, and do some exercise. Do this continuously on every day but reserve 1-2 days a week in which you get your mind free (i.e. do something completely differnet with friends and that brings you joy).

    If you are able to hold the discipline up to do the above for an extended period of time, I promise you that you will be very successful in your future exams. The stress is here to make this a regular pattern. This is more efficient than kamikaze learning on the few last days before the exam.

    People, expecially male and buisiness oriented, tend to boast that they can live on very few hours of sleep. You will find that this is not supported at all by any type of research. All evidence points that such people are not actually efficient in what they do or that they bend the truth in order to impress others. period.
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