Is being attracted to teenage girls a result of PMO or is it human nature??

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by MasterRoshi, May 19, 2018.

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    In Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, the girls after the first menstruation were considered adults and could be given into wives of an adult man.
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    My one and a half cents on this topic: Sometimes it helps me just to *observe* my thoughts, almost as if I were watching someone else having them. For example, I think about some porn images I've seen and then I feel the urge to PMO. But sometimes I can kinda laugh at myself (or at the guy having those thoughts!), which tends to weaken the urges. As dreams show us, we don't always have control over our thoughts. When you wake up from a dream, you might try to remember it, then think WTF? Weird!, and then move on with your day. I think maybe destructive daytime thoughts can be the same. We "see" them, the same way we do in remembering a dream, and we might reflect on it briefly, but then we move on. Then again, i know all too well what it's like to have obsessive thoughts, things that just won't quit, and that sucks. I'll be working on that the rest of my life!
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    They definitely do mature at a much younger ages these days. I think that has to do with the hormones that they put in food these days that artificially accelerates kids to mature faster. I'm only 31 and I see some of these 10-13 year old girls that look 20 and I'm blown away because they didn't look like that when I was that age. I think one of the reasons you're seeing the movement towards hormone free food, especially meats, is because they realize the negative effect it's happening on today's youth.
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    Seems not that good for your description
  5. Welp, guess I'm going to be the odd one out - no, I'm not attracted to 16/17 year olds. I'm 23, and even to me they look like kids. I might think they're pretty/cute, but not arousing.

    Not trying to be judgmental but it feels completely wrong to me for middle-aged men to be ogling at teen girls.
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    It's natural. You're attracted to signs of fertility, something most teenage girls display. The legality of such an attraction and acting on it, however, is a different thing entirely. An even more complicating factor is the fact that most teenage girls have instagram models as their role models and as a result you can see a 14 year old that can easily pass for 21. I've been in that situation many times. Get the courage to talk to a girl, become surprised at how easy it is and then realize that I'm talking to a girl that's cca 10 years younger than me.

    Having said all that, I feel that it's necessary to stress that I would never get involved with someone who's that much younger than me. Seems sleazy and cheap.
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    I don’t know if I would say this is correct. It might be a delusion in order to justify. Think of these young women as your little sister or daughter. Because they are somebody’s sister or daughter. And a lot of them are being manipulated or abused into acting in these videos.
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    If you suspect you are doing something wrong, you probably are. I’d explore this with a professional before you find yourself doing something terrible.

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    man, i honestly think not being attracted from teenage girls is weird
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    I agree, when guys say they aren't attracted to young and legal women, I think they're lying to themselves and/or me. Our culture, in the US at least, has a stick up its ass about older men liking younger women.

    I've been with girls 16 years younger then me, and as long as things are legal and consensual then who cares. The only moral stance I'd take is to be caring and dont ruin them just to get in their pants.

    If your addiction leads you to doing bad things, then of course, that's bad.
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    There are lots of things that are “natural”. It’s natural to get addicted to cocaine or meth because it takes advantage of rewards systems. Those that sell those substances are exploiting human reward systems for gain. Lots of people get hurt in the process. It is illogical to suggest that because something is natural it’s in the best interest of someone engage in a behavior.

    Thats why most of us are here. Masturbation is natural. Sexual urges are normal. Failure to integrate these urges in a non-destructive manner is harmful. It’s harmful to you, you partner and by extension society.

    An argument could be made that very young women may be easily exploited into porn due to the proclivity of young women to be agreeable and naive. As a women I can attest that as a teenager I found it very hard to say no to young men who were pushy about sexual activity. Since porn is pretty mainstream now I could see young women finding themselves pushed into activity they might not otherwise pursue voluntarily. I’d say most very young women are not equipped to resist the industry’s manipulation.

    By being consumers of this material you encourage exploitation. You also put yourself into a bad position of creating an abnormal obsession with young women instead of being appropriately attracted to women who are your relative equals in maturity. In other words you agree to be manipulated by an industry into something that’s bad for you.

    You make yourself and others puppets rather than healthy individuals.
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    In Ancient Greece and in many cultures even today things occur that we as a society recognize as counterproductive, exploitive, and even morally wrong.

    Besides in those days girls were viewed as burdens to be pawned off at the earliest opportunity.
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    I would look at young women the same as with married women. Yes, there are many married women I can say to myself that they are beautiful but I have no desire to be with them or to even think of them for a second because they are in covenant with someone else. With young women, they are not for you - they are for someone else. Lust by definition is an intense longing for something that does not (or will not, or can not) belong to you to the point of it causing sin. Pornography distorts desire - this desire needs to either be directed to a purposeful end or to the person you are married to.

    Easier said than done right? The intention has to be there and the you must believe you can do it - now start taking the steps to become free. You have to cut the sinful desire off and not feed it.
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