Is edging bad? If yes, then why?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by 1r3ema, May 3, 2021.

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    I've beed thinking a lot about edging, and decided to start a discussion here. Main question is - is it bad ("that bad")? I've read that it is, but never really understood why. The way I'm seeing it, is that you're constantly aroused for the time you're edging, you're not cumming, so you're not feeling guilt/tiredness/exhaustion. When I saw the text saying "don't cum" or "never cum" on one of the edging videos i started wondering why do they say that? From what I'm understanding so far, they're just 'encouraging' people to retain sperm, not to feel the thing you feel after cumming and to keep you edging / wanting more?
    Also concerning what I just wrote - won't it be painful or 'bad' for your penis' health to keep being aroused and leaking pre-cum, but not cumming? I personally have never felt 'pain' per se.
    Sorry if all this is obvious for you - it's not really for me, so I'll be grateful for your answers. Thanks.

    Edit: Sorry if this was previously posted - i tried searching but found so many different threads under the keyword 'edging' that i would have to spend weeks looking for answers in different previous topics.
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    it's very bad for your PMO recovery, it's basically M
    also I've heard some people say that it somehow harmed them but I have no experience in edging
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  3. 1r3ema

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    Oh I 100% realize it is bad for recovery - I may have not been precise, but I'm asking besides that, without abstaining from p/m.
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  5. For me personally, I feel like I don't want to be completely non-sexual. Due to my gf's health issues, she is non-sexual. By masturbating and not coming I feel I can then transmute that energy through exercise and meditation. Seems to be working for me, I have 70+ days of semen retention.
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  6. As long as you even watch any porn you are not recovering at all.

    Some people think "PMO free" works as an AND condition. That you are not allowed to watch porn AND masturbate AND orgasm at the same time.

    Wrong. It's an OR condition. You are not allowed to orgasm OR masturbate OR watch porn.
    If you do ONE of these things, you are not living PMO free at all. In your case, you apparently even did TWO of these things.

    Also nobody forces you to go PMO-free - I am not doing it myself.
    However, it doesn't matter which reboot-method you choose: They all have ONE thing in common: NO PORN is allowed. Not even watching it a single second. Hell, I even reset my counter if I FANTASIZE about porn for more than 5 seconds.

    Anyway, to answer your question: Yes, watching porn AND edging to it is bad if you want to recover. You are, in fact, not recovering AT ALL this way.

    [edit] But no reason to listen to me rambling, palindromo gave you the only valid answer with this link
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    Great read, sure. But they seem to mostly be focusing on the 'possibility' of getting more addicted, which I already am so it doesn't change a thing for me... Guess the main thing is being exposed to high dopamine levels over a long time, instead of short M and then quick O. The thing is I'm already kinda trashed when it comes to dopamine, so I'm thinking of any other possible 'physical' dangers.
    Comments there are okay, but when I see people writing about sperm 'crystalizing' when not ejaculated... I mean, come on. People would have diamonds in their pants right now ; )

    Are you using 'soft' material, or 'edge compilations' or nothing at all? Do you feel/felt any pain during that time?

    Yes i do realize all this. As I said in my previous post, I'm not asking about that in terms of abstaining from porn. Rather from a perspective of someone just using that at the moment.

    Edit: What I want to know is whether edging is bad for any other reasons than that is just is bad because of P or M or because of high dopamine, which is a case every time you do P. I want to rationalize why i shouldn't do this, but it seems it just doesn't do harm, and you're retaining sperm, so that's hard...
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  8. Psalm27:1my light

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    There really isn’t enough studies to show actual proof of the detrimental effect of pmo. I’m going to tell you about my husband though.... addicted for 40+ years. Once he reached 1 year clean- he no longer had delayed ejaculation, no longer had pied, mind you he had de our entire marriage then pied the last 5 years before he began recovery. At 10 years of marriage I made the comment that it looked like his dick had shrunk and it looked horrible. He agreed but we both thought it was an optical illusion because dicks don’t shrink right?! His dick is noticeably bigger, by a lot. Looks so much healthier and is soft to my touch now. He started growing more hair, lol, a lot more hair, mostly on his chest. His voice got deeper. His fingernails have been horribly disfigured his entire life and no doctor or specialist knew why. They are now almost perfect. He used to be irritable at any little thing, now he is not. He used to get angry over stupid crap, now he does not. He used to fall asleep every time he sat down and he would come home from work and take a nap every day. I cannot remember the last time he took a nap since he started recovery. His tinnitus has lessened. Some days it’s completely gone. His eyes and skin look so much better. I have a picture of when he was really using and he looks so sick, empty eyes. He is a completely different person. I’m sure there is more, that’s just off the top of my head.
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  9. Psalm27:1my light

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    He totaled two trucks because he fell asleep while driving. Last year he drove from California to New Jersey in 3 days, driving more than 12 hours a day never once falling asleep.
  10. 1r3ema

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    I do appreciate your message, thank you.
    I wish there were more studies about this stuff or collected stories like this one, in order to reason from them. Question is whether O does that to people or P, or both combined? I appreciate the story, it is eye-opening, but addicted mind likes to overthink.
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  11. pump20

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    You might as well relapse bud if you're going to edge because it can cause problems in the long run. You'll never win, so don't even play that game.
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  12. I can't tell you what's good or bad for you. If you feel that edging without orgasm is not problematic, then there is no reason to stop doing it.
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  13. Rexamilli Vanilli

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    Is smoking heroin off tinfoil bad for you?

    I must look I am when I edge.

    It's junk and when I do it I obviously lie to myself it is fine and dandy and when I realign with something deeper inside me having lied again increases the pain.

    Poor answer sry almost erased it.

    Surely neuroscience can tell us why edging is playing a dirty trick on your brain.
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  14. skaterdrew

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    Edging binges are the most damaging part of PMO.

    When you edge you're constantly causing more and more dopamine to release in your brain, causing the dopamine to go higher and higher.

    This is the reason people like edging.

    Edging is worse than ejaculating, and edging does make you exhausted. Your dopamine gets depleted after edging, especially after PMO edging binging sessions. This makes you exhausted and not able to concentrate etc. In my opinion this sort of behaviour causes the most ill effects from PMO, and when people have been chronically edging and binging on PMO for a long time, this is what is causing the worst of their mental health problems.

    Edging and binging like that is addict behaviour.

    The edging and binging I am talking about is masturbating to hundreds of different content online and stopping your self from ejaculating, and then continuing to masturbate to all the different content again, and then doing this for hours until you eventually ejaculate. Then doing this multiple times a day, or all day, and then this sort of behaviour happening every day, or every other day.

    This is what my behaviour was like for nearly 10 years.
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  15. I absolutely could not agree more. I was heavily into edging and I experienced exactly what Skaterdrew is saying here. Knowing what I know now, if I had to choose between an hours long edging session that ended in orgasm and ejaculation (or not), or just taking five minutes and getting myself off...I'd choose the five minutes every time. Edging is horrible for you.

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