Is edging without P as bad as watching P without edging?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by DGZ, Dec 8, 2019.

  1. DGZ

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    I'm reviewing what I did prior to my last relapse and I realize now that, although I didn't watch P except during relapse, I had been edging without P for days prior. How detrimental was this for my recovery?
  2. kropo82

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    By edging without porn do you mean masturbating for a long period without ejaculating? If you are on easy mode that would not be an issue, but on the other modes you need to stop masturbating during your reboot, so edging without porn would be a reset. But putting aside all talk of modes, relapses, and resets, edging does not sound wise.
  3. deepspace

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    There's not much point in splitting hairs over whether it was as bad as using porn.

    You sat there playing with your wiener for hours while getting that warm and fuzzy feeling. Spiking dopamine and various sex hormones. It set you back. How much compared to if you did it with porn? There's no real way to say, like how many days of reboot that cost you, what's the difference?

    You know it's bad for you. Don't overthink it. Just stop it.
  4. StonePlacidity

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    don't do it man, both porn and masturbation should not exist.

    Your penis is for reproduction, not for you to stroke it with your hand and jerk off.
  5. now or never

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    Don’t really agree with the guy above me. Butt... you’re trying to walk the fine line of a orgasm. And in the end you can’t resist the urge / calling to cum and you will be back at the start making excuses why you could do it.
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