Is getting massages a bad idea as a reward for no pmo?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by boyrose, Apr 26, 2021.

  1. Re-Life2010

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    I’d say it’s perfectly fine to treat for a message. I got a few back a few years ago. I know some places mostly give you the option to go full nudity or not. The thing was my first massage I wasn’t comfortable in doing so. My second Stone massage, I did go Nudist. It was more anticipating for me because I have watched some “Hap Fap” vids at the time. It was also a Woman. But I knew she had no intention and I didn’t either. It was very relaxing although I believe I got sick after my nerves were shocked.

    Just relax and don’t think about it. Your not in Thailand where it’s a normal thing and most of the videos you see online are all set up and fake. Real actors as you see on videos they have the same lines. Not any more emotion of being excited to do so. It’s really an illusion.
  2. hollyman

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    10 days reward is just so lame i guess, and every 10 day go to the massage is costly and can became and addiction too just like a cofee, and as so many mention here it can be a p sub

    If i have the budget for it maybe go for 30 or 45 days reward... Go for body parts massage and not full body like only shoulder and feet massage the one who doesnt need you to go buck naked in front of ppl or maybe sports massage

    If u can choose male instead of female,, they dont care after all if u give him a tips then u will become his best customer just like that man
  3. Archangel VIII

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    Sure, but be careful. I've been to quite a few massage parlours and nearly all of them offered happy endings (In fact, my last relapse was from one). The ones that didn't offer them usually had male masseurs which, call me homophobic, would just be too awkward. Even when they don't offer a happy ending, it's still a pretty sensual experience that can seriously make you horny and possibly fap later that day, or even make orgasm right then and there.

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