Is grinding with my gf bad?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by modernstore99, Dec 1, 2018.

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    19M Recently started going out with this girl, right as I started NoFap. She's on board for NoFap thankfully; I've just been going down on her and stuff. Anywho, something she asked me about was grinding while dancing, wanting to know if it was against my NoFap rules. I said no and we kept at it, but since it kinda is stimulation to the penis, especially with large amounts of pressure, force, and friction, idk if it's a good or thing to keep doing. I don't think she would be super disappointed if we had to cut it since she asked me about it, but idk.
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    If it excites you too much then its not the best idea. But other than that its not a big deal to dance.
  3. Do you want to quit porn and become a celibet monk ? if no than don't overthink it so much you need to define what you want out of this. You say you don't want porn but you don't want women dancing with you ?
    What do you want then?
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    I think P is bad obviously, but I think my bigger problem is Death Grip. I haven't looked at porn in two months and it really hasn't been too hard, but I used to MO with such frequency, speed, and force, that I think it really messed up my dick. I used to MO when I wasn't even fully hard; I usually wouldn't have a 100% erection when MOing, but I could just use my hand to position my dick in a way to keep going. Hell, I used to MO flaccid. I think I just really need to resensitize my penis, and also rebuild whatever muscles make your dick go up. I tried kegels for a few weeks, but idk if I was doing them right, or if they even worked. I was just curious if people knew if this type of dancing was bad. I obviously want my gf to put her butt on my crotch haha, but she suggested we shouldn't do it if it will interfere with my recovery.
  5. That's better that you getting to the point of why you want to do this. Time away from MO WILL HELP THAT. I think now with over 3 weeks you should be on a good path to helping with that. Theres no set time frame to get over it some do It a couple weeks or months its not set in stone and since is was working when your girlfriend was grinding against you it sounds like its healing fast.
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    Speaking from my own experience, this seems to make sense. Along with what he said earlier, it depends what your goals are. I think enjoying time with your girlfriend is amazing, but it's up to you two to decide where that line is depending on your goals, struggles, temptations, etc. Basically, if you want to be sexually active with your girlfriend in any respect, I think that could help anchor you against PMO, but it could only raise your own sexual desires/tensions and you'd turn to PMO to fulfill them.
    It's about what you guys want and your self control, I think.
    Best of luck!

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