Is he lieing?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Blackswan, Jan 24, 2018.

  1. Blackswan

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    so my husband has been an addict for over 20 years... and apparently he’s managed to stop from the past two months... no urges nothing... am I missing something here? How can he suddenly be able to live without this addiction he so badly couldn’t let go of?
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  2. Numb

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    Sounds like my BF. Though we've gone through this numerous times over the years. This time he's trying, putting in the effort. I can see the changes, he's much happier. He is learning to talk and open up. And I think that is what is making a difference. He says he has little to no urges, rarely thinks of it or wants it. I started a post in the SOS group titled Too easy? because it all seems too easy after so many years of fighting, crying, depression. It is like a switch was flicked. While I am happy, it also makes me nervous. Have you two talked about this? I worry he is just saying this to make me happy or not worry about it. I don't know, maybe for some it is easy if they are ready to change. I hope all goes well for you two.

    Also maybe try FANOS if you haven't, it has helped us to open up to each other and talk.
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  3. Reverent

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    I stopped forever like 13 times in 30 years. It was easy to just stop.

    What I never told my wife was when I restarted, nor did I do anything to completely remove it all from my life. I've stopped P many times for durations, but M (the old friend I never let die) always drove me back.

    I hope all is well. Keep yourself safe, help him through his struggles, there is hope and healing. #PornKillsLove
  4. Spoony

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    Have you noticed changes in their behaviour. Has the relationship improved? More sex or request for sex. Stronger erections.

    Look for the clues. The first time i stopped i found it relativley easier compared too some stories on here. But i did have withdrawls insomnia leakage e.t.c

    Or just flat out ask.
  5. Ninjagoals

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    well it depends, i started mo when i was like 13 and only added pmo when i was 15. i tried stopping a little bit just because it helped with my sensitivity and still had no idea what it was doing to my mind, but reading and learning more about it and now having a goal sure day 1-6 was hard but but im only on say 8 for these last 2 days it has been easy i don't think about it anymore. or maybe its just flatline... who knows i enjoy not thinking about porn.

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