Is I am consuming my dopamine ?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Electronx, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. Electronx

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    Guys I am glad to tell you about my 2nd time 62 days streak but I want to know something about my brain health. I am getting benefits like -
    Sharp and shiny eyes
    Boosted stamina
    No social anxiety
    But the real thing is,My brain again started to have lust, although I manage to control them but whenever I got lust , I feel like light head or feel as I have just watched porn and my brain is full of dopamine.
    is lust this consuming my dopamine reserves ?
    should I consider this as a relapse?
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  2. Koli Pratham

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    I'm going through the same phase On which you're on. I can Feel Sexual Energy within me in Excess amount and I'm filled with so much lust
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  3. Odiebear

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    I don't think anyone could tell you whether lust is consuming your dopamine. Dopamine is just a hormone that is released by your brain to have a be attracted or unattracted to certain things. While you are right that dopamine cause certain emotions like lust, I wouldn't ever be worried where your "dopamine reserves" are at unless you were overconsuming certain drugs or stimuli like porn or gambling. Ect..

    Worry about how you feel and the things that you can legitimately control in your life, "Dopamine reserves" are not one of them.
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  4. Christoph108

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    Maybe think like this: How will continueing robooting (aka no PM/no PMO) will affect your brain health and is this not already enough restriction?
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  5. Odiebear

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    Brain health or mental health?

    Your brain will be fine as long as you eat healthy now and then and drink water lol.

    It's pretty easy to admit that PMO addiction pays a toll on your mental health tho. The stress during a reboot, is not fun, mental strength, endurance and perseverance will get you through the hard early days of withdrawal. It gets much easier, but being on top of it will get you on the road to recovery.
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  6. Save the moment and keep going.
    Be aware that you loose these benefits when you relapse.
    Rather conserve the benefits and make them your new normal.
    Show the world that you have evolved as a person. Porn is for immature men. Prove yourself that you outgrown that stage, ready to take on new challenges.
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  7. Melkhiresa

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    more like lust cause dopamine.

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