Is insonmia expected during NoFap

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Usernameallowed, Aug 5, 2021.

  1. Usernameallowed

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    5 days in . Longest streak in 2 years 3 days fuck it! Porn

    Expericing some insomnia although there are other contributing factors . But the NoFap itself I wonder does it have any effect on sleep in the beginning ?
  2. Day 10 and I slept at 3 am for no reason.
    Even though I was physically and mentally exhausted my brain wouldn't shut up​
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  3. nrsl

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    Highly doubt that NoFap alone could be the reason of insomnia, at least because I have never experienced it on my journey. But some people reported about sleeping problems while doing NoFap. It could be a thing, which depends on individual factors.
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  4. Asdor22

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    Insomnia can be caused by cold turkey. I just never heard it could be the case with porn, but I'd say that in combination with the other factors, sure as hell it could be.
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  5. mdnirvana

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    I experienced also insomnia while doing nofap. So dont worry it will go away try to be patient. After a while, like 14-15 days for me, you Will sleep like a baby
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  6. Flesh

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    I had some trouble sleeping aswell around first 10 days
  7. billijean1990

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    It would help if you did not look for causes but try to listen to your body. When a woman's sleep regime is disturbed, circadian rhythms change in her body, which leads to insomnia. Pregnancy entails a change in the hormonal background, and as a consequence, there may be a problem with sleep. Men often have insomnia if they are stressed. I cannot say that I wake up at 3 AM because my brain is tired of resting. It's not. There are endocrine changes, hormonal, age-related (sorry, I don't know how old you are). A state of anxiety, stress, and worry due to not sleeping is getting a good night's sleep.
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  8. fredisthebes

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    A lot of men use masturbation (and/or porn) to lull themselves to sleep.

    Avoid late night eating and screens an hour before bed. I recommend reading a book. once you can no longer focus on the page, or start forgetting what you have read or have difficulty concentrating, try and go to sleep again.
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    Does it go on and off even though after you sent on long streak

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