Is it allowed in this forum to recommend watching p?

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  1. Here's what happened:
    Someone had some weird theory that watching porn category X would heal the damage that porn category Y did to him. He went so far to recommend that to others who had an issue with category X too.

    I have looked into the forum rules (and there are a lot). But I couldn't find a rule that says you mustn't recommend porn. But isn't it common sense that it's a no-go?

    So is it forbidden or is it still considered as legitimate part of discussion ... ?
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    I would say it's a no-go!
    You aswell don't recommend certain types of alcohol at an AA.
    Like you said that's commond sense
  3. Yes that was my argument. I compared with AA too lol
    But the user who made the recommendation didn't care
    Nor did the mods, I guess, after I reported him

    Anyway still not clear if forum rules forbid it. Or where exactly the line is drawn.
  4. Well, criticisizing rebooting and abstaining from porn is explicitly allowed in the rules. Consequently, I think this is allowed as well as long as the poster doesn't link to any porn sites and covers the categories names with spoilers. Keep in mind that as with all rules, the final saying will be of those executing the rules and I can tell you from experience that they are well-intending people even if you disagree with their judgement.
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