Is it easy street after 2 weeks?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by RE:covery, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. RE:covery

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    Is it easy street after 2 weeks, or at least easier?
    because I am on day 17 of no MO. Thank you to everyone as well I will add.

    Will I have to put up with a lot of mental challenges such as a lot of rationalising with myself to PMO. Flashbacks? and how often? and does this get easier to deal with than the initial urges or harder? Thanks
  2. Sorry. No. It is not easier after two weeks. For most, we struggle for at least three months, 90 days, before it starts to get consistently easier. "Consistently easier" means not fighting it all the time every day, every moment. But around 90, many reach the tipping point, where they start having days and weeks where they are not tempted.
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    Have to agree with William on this one.

    The most important thing I have to add is the importance of finding meaning and meaningful connection entirely outside of the romantic sphere. If you happen to meet a special someone during this time, this will not hurt your prospects - quite to the contrary. Living a meaningful life outside of a romantic partnership is exactly what makes a person able to enter healthily into a relationship of this kind - with realistic expectations and with genuine and unselfish (as much as possible) care and concern for the other person.

    Porn addiction and the bill of goods we are sold in this culture on romantic relationships are not unrelated. One is seen as addiction, the other as a healthy norm, but it is really just a matter of degree - porn addiction is significantly more destructive and obvious.

    They are both very poisonous.

    Make some good friends and do good together. If you can't find friends who support your new lifestyle, just do good. Virtuous friends will come. If you don't have the faith or perseverance to do that (many of us would be too lonely), learn to walk the line where your socializing impacts the fledgling aspects of the new positive mindset you are building as little as possible. With time you will get stronger and give fewer shits about what others think. You will neither be a NoFapvangelist nor a sad lonely angry guy, and on those rare occasions where you are a sad lonely angry guy, your suffering will have a context and it won't agitate you much or shake your convictions.

    Please also be advised that I am largely speaking based on the good qualities I have seen in others. For myself - although I have been at this for more than ten years - the best I can boast are two one-year streaks during which time my thinking still often resembled that of a dry drunk. While I am certainly better than when I started, because I have followed only in the most superficial way my own advice in building a meaningful life and meaningful relationships, my progress has been greatly delayed. While people vary greatly in their disposition and ability, 10 years is more than enough time for most people to get things well in hand.

    I don't say that to discourage you, just in the interest of honesty, and as a warning to the danger of undertaking this journey as a compartmentalized piece of your life rather than a springboard for life transformation. I encourage you thoroughly to follow the example of my betters and not let anything deter you from building the greatest life you can envision for yourself - a life of real substance.

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    No, not "Easy Street," but it is easier in some ways. After 2 weeks, you already know that some of the things you told yourself are false. Remember when, on the 2nd day, the 4th day, 6th day, etc., you said, "I can't do this!" or, "I'll die!" or, "I'll explode!"? Remember that?

    When you make it to two weeks, you start to realize: I really can get out of this hole.

    It's still a challenge. Lots of people stumble after 2 weeks. But don't miss the accomplishment. Don't underestimate it. And keep going.
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  5. RE:covery

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    Thanks a lot guys I really appreciate the advice
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    I haven't had any notable porn cravings after the first few days despite 20 years of daily PMO with quite a few epic binges. In terms of ease, hard-mode became substantially easier for me after the first month and it hasn't been particularly difficult since. Reaching 60 has been an exercise in patience more than anything else for me (don't think it wasn't a challenge to stay patient when there weren't a lot of changes happening). I agree with others who say generalizing is going to be too hard. There is too much noise in the data that I have seen. Two quick points to help you.
    1. When it feels easy, don't let your guard down. That is how many men relapse.
    2. Part of when it gets easier for you depends on how quickly you can grow and learn from your nofap experience.
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  7. Booster

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    My bump was at 60 days, I can deal with withdrawals etc , what got me is after the flatline, my libido came back stronger than it has for years.

    as @nfprogress says when your guards down, thats the danger area.
  8. Sleep aid

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    it got harder for me. no pun intended after 2 weeks. i went 38 in my best streak. the 3rd and 4th week up until my obliteration were constant aggression , i felt mad at the pussy. thinking in my head id just wish i was scorpion from mortal kombat when walking around. shooting my penis like his spear out of my pants instead of his wrists, " get over here !!! " to any girl i saw or creeped on. on the other side i had a certain intensity about my work that im hoping to gain again with this next reboot im on. it definantly made my penis feel super thick thoe hopefully this time around i catch a girl with my scorpion spear before i commit my own fatality.... finish him
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    This, I felt so cocky and confident that I said "I'll see just a few P pictures and it won't matter", well, here I am with the worst case of blue balls in history, so that's a great advice actually
  10. RE:covery

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    Yh I definitely agree with the keeping your guard up thing. I need to keep faith and persevere

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