Is it just me or the Internet have a hard-on for the State of California?

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  1. As a former Californian, it seems that people on the Internet (websites like Reddit, IGN, Gamespot, TripAdvisor, and, of course, here on NoFap) have a special spot for California, and it is crazy how divisive the state is. In my experience, people are willing to defend California if you say something serious about California like saying, "The cost of living too damn high so I would not live there," "California sucks because it's so damn expensive and overpopulated," and a couple of more statements to mention then you will likely get either bashed or downvoted. I like California but I do not love or hate it per see. I get the hype, varied landscape, and a ridiculous amount of things to do like Disneyland, Universal Studios, local restaurants, shopping malls, and such (which is all of those I agreed with) but the high cost of living, overpopulation, traffic, and wildfires are too much for my liking and, for the moment, that's what makes me glad that I don't live in California anymore. If I were an accountant or firefighter and got rich, I still would not live in California just for the sake of money.

    To this day, since the State of California have been very expensive and overpopulated, I wish more and more people on the Internet stop acting like I've said something "offensive" about California which I always take it seriously and lightly. What are the reasons to defend California? Was it my fault that I left California because it's expensive? I could go on for more questions!

    California is such a very diverse place.
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  2. A lot of people like California for the weather. If you come from a place that is cold and snowy, California seems like a dream. In the winter, the weather has a high in the 70s and the low in the 60s or 50s. There’s a lot of diversity too. In terms of people and geographical. There’s something for everyone in California.

    The bad part about California is that it’s way too expensive and overcrowded now. The average price of a home in California is $500,000 (2021 stats). There are also 40 million people that live in the state, which makes doing normal things a pain. Going grocery shopping can be a hassle, too many drivers on the road can clog lanes etc. The good thing about the overcrowding is that it’s not New York City bad, where it’s always bumper to bumper no matter where you go.

    If I was wealthy, I would buy a house in an affluent beach community near San Diego, like La Jolla, for ex. The California weather near the coast is some of the best in the world, if not the best in the world. But considering how overcrowded and expensive California already is, I’ll just stay where I’m at.
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    Not all of California is over crowded. My nearest neighbor is half a mile maybe more. Nearest town is 30 minutes, Sacramento is an hour. I absolutely love where I live. Today I was outside working all day in tank and shorts. However, I hate how this state is run. The cost of living is ridiculously high and for some reason the people keep voting for more taxes!!!
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    Like FreshPhoenix said, when you come from a place where its cold like Canada, seeing California ( Especially Los Angeles) can be charming.

    I say Los Angeles, because most of the best movies were filmed over there. The landscape is amazing. It really makes you want to be there.

    But then you learn about the monthly price of a studio and tell yourself : Winter ain't so bad...
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    No idea what people find appealing about California. If I were in the US I'd move to Wyoming and spend my days being a cowboy and hunting in the wilderness.
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  6. Went there on vacation once with the family. Had fun with said family, but I hated the place, never want to go back.
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  7. From Google:
    Wyoming is a state of wonderful, rugged American wilderness and free-range living, but it's much more than just ranchers and Old West culture. Known as a great place for retirees and outdoors types, this northwestern state offers reasonable cost of living, low taxes, boundless natural beauty, and the list goes on.

    Sounds very interesting! I wonder what are the job wages there, though.
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    California is the marijuana state
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    Fires also have an Hard On for California
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