Is it normal to be mostly attracted to really attractive girls ?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by BootstrapBill, May 1, 2022.

  1. BootstrapBill

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    Is this a porn thing . You hear about dudes who quit porn and they start getting attracted more to alot more girls .

    This must be the case and is this a sign of pied.

    Like I see a really attractive girl in porn and for the first time on ages close to full hard on which hasn't happened in a while . Too much use. So my dick does still work
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  2. Is it a porn thing ? Most likely. Porn gets you to look women through a specific lens shaped up by porn. Either way, porn is nothing like real life, and real life is nothing like porn.

    Once you recover from porn the taste in the "really attractive girls" segment starts to take a different shape, and really attractive girls become a lot more than their physical attributes but rather much much beyond that.
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  3. jcl1990

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    Yea I think this is a porn effect.

    On longer streaks, more girls start looking really attractive to me, a wider variety.
  4. somuchforsubtlety

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    it is not like being attracted to super attractive girls or girls who look like they could be modeling has anything wrong with it. As someone who has watched a lot of amateur porn i don't really see the difference between pro and non-pro except for camera works, lowering your standards is fine but it is not as if every porn star is doing plastic surgery or having breast implant, most of it is just good exercise and makeup(which i find unattractive).
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  5. Ok_Poem_2940

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    No, it's human nature - not from porn though - in fact, had a thing for them from my sister's Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan and my auntie's Vogue and Elle magazines
    Just don't use it to set stupid standard such as wanting a Gal Gadot
  6. MementoMori22

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    Well by definition a "really attractive" person is someone most people will find attractive, so yes. :p

    I think you mean appealing physical appearance though. Specifically the "hyper amplified" physical appearance of models, porn stars, etc. It would make sense to me that porn trains your brain to only respond to the absolutely most stimulating physical appearance over time. Once that stops being enough, it requires weird kinks and fetishes instead.

    Once the brain-washing is undone from a reboot, I think a healthy masculine person is really attracted to feminine energy. This is much more than face symmetry and hip-to-waist ratios. This is how a woman lives, how they are a wellspring of emotion, passion and love. It is a wholistic beauty, not superficial, which in turn leads to a wholistic appreciation of them and a more fulfilling relationship.

    David Deida's The Way of the Superior Man explores this spiritual polarisation of the masculine and feminine in depth and explains what makes a man attracted to a woman well, in my view.
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  7. onceaking

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    I don't think it's a porn thing, it's more to do with how the media presents certain types of women as attractive. Really with things like OF there are a lot of 'normal' looking women. Sure, there's girls who do it that have the stereotypical porn star looks but they're like 10% of girls on it.
  8. TakingTheSteps

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    Kind of depends on what you mean by "really attractive." I think porn could definitely make someone feel only attracted to things that are not very realistic, like perfect fake boobs and the type of figure that people only get with plastic surgery or something.

    But it's normal to be attracted to really beautiful people. It's hard to say whether your situation is normal or not, because I don't know how attractive someone needs to be in order for you to be attracted to them.

    I mean, I'm attracted to a variety of different women and men, some more average in attractiveness and others that could be supermodels. But there are definitely still people I don't find attractive at all. And porn doesn't have anything to do with that.
  9. TakingTheSteps

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    Although it is kind of funny to me to hear people compare "normal looking" girls to pornstars, as if pornstars are, like, the most gorgeous people on the planet. Idk, maybe it's just me, but I don't find that to be the case at all. Many of them have very nice bodies, obviously, often because of plastic surgery, but I don't personally think that pornstars faces are like the most beautiful people I've ever seen. I'd be willing to bet half of them, or maybe more, if you saw walking down the street, you'd probably describe them as "normal looking" or even unattractive, some of them.
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  10. fredisthebes

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    If you have really great sex with a girl, when you see her again you are going to view her as more attractive because you associate them with the way they made you feel. So i suppose the same thing must happen with porn? If you see a girl who reminds you of your favourite p-star or your favourite scene, you are likely to view her more favourably. And that is likely to change once porn is a distant memory, and you will notice girls that are attractive in a less porn-ish way.
  11. TheLightOne

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    Woman is not only a look. She smells good. Has nice voice smile skin etc. U will get hard with decent woman either way
  12. no there's no rules but I have found I am more attracted to nice women with pretty faces,more feminine . I get turned off by big booty women with aggressive attitudes and they will fake like they are feminine so don't be fooled, never trust a big butt and smile BBD said that in a 90s song that girl is poison. ahhhhhuuuyaya

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