Is it ok to have gf for sex ?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by thebestsideofmyself, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. thebestsideofmyself

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    Hello guys sorry for my bad English.. 19 yo there.
    I was wondering what you think about having girlfriend if you attracted to her but only sexually. I mean there is huge diffrence between love someone and find someone sexually attractive. After my 10 days without PMO im very horny and i find a lot of girls attractive but only sexually so can i be with them ? I think that after sex i will be lower
    interested in them. my dream is to have long fulfill relationship but im horny af too.. Is it profitable to wait on the only one ? im virgin btw.. I want hear your opinions about this :)
  2. IbrahimViking

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    My opinion is that it's absolutely okay if you both want just sex.
    And absolutely not ok if you
    1. pretend to love her or
    2. have beliefs that oppose casual sex.
    So basically, as long as you are honest with yourself (which is obvious from your message), and honest with her, you should be fine.
    I myself need to have a deep connection with another person to feel sexual attraction to them in the first place, but we are all different and I know many girls who don't want to have a boyfriend at the moment. For example after a serious break up, or if they are busy with studies, or travel a lot.
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  3. thebestsideofmyself

    thebestsideofmyself Fapstronaut

    I understand that if she loves me it is not okay too ?
  4. p1n1983

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    Go out and have fun with girls. Date them and have sex. Be open with the fact that you are single an open to date multiple girls until you found the right one for you to be in a serious relationship. There are going to be girls open to just have fun with you and there are others that not, just let this last ones go.
  5. Highseas

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    Hi P11983,
    I wouldnt think there is anything wrong with that. Ivedated women that specifically know the struggle and think its a challenge and we have fun w/ it. As long as your both safe and positive. Go for it.
  6. I'm not going to tell you what to do.
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  7. phwrancesco

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    It's okay, even if you don't "truly love her". Don't listen to who says the opposite, theyre frustrated.
  8. Theto

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    Intimacy/sex could create strong bond really fast and illusion of true love.
    The truth is that sex nor girlfriend don't make you really happy (on short term yes, sex is fun).
    You will get some dopamine for short time, but it will be substitute for P/M.
    Please read about "sex transmutation".
    Stay strong!
  9. It isn't right to have sex with a woman only for fun. Men and women are not created equal in this regard: a man oftentimes can have sex with no emotional attachment necessary whereas a woman will nearly always, even if she doesn't wish to admit it, bond with the one to whom she makes love, and it will hurt the woman more deeply than the man when separation occurs. Essentially, sleeping around is trifling with hearts. If you wouldn't want a woman professing to love you until she had broken your heart in letting you know that she never had interest in you to begin with, then don't subject a woman to similar treatment by having sex with her with no intention of loving her.
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    RIPZYZZ Fapstronaut

    It is totally fine do have casual fun with girls. I've had relationships that started with just sex, and the love developed over time. Just be sure to wear a condom my dude, you don't want a disease or a kid (just yet)
    IbrahimViking wrote it perfectly, listen to him
  11. thebestsideofmyself

    thebestsideofmyself Fapstronaut

    i wrote that i want opinion i will decide after hear all opinions and my moral voice
  12. You should do whatever you want to do, but just be respectful and don't hurt or exploit people.
  13. Personally, I have no problems going down this route but even though I have had a myriad of opportunities to do so, I haven't.

    It has to do with the fact that I can't even manage an MO addiction. How the hell can I expect myself not to manage a sex addiction?

    I prefer to train 1 demon at a time.

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