Is it okay to know about sex in early age?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Redamorouse, Feb 27, 2018.

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    How if i no longer addicted to porn and maturbation, but i've already know anything about sex than the other who same age with me should know (i've read so many adult stories and know about kinky, fetish, sex toys etc, but i'm still 16 y.o). Is it okay to know about sex in the early age?
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    I think from personal experience its still pretty harmful to have exposure. I started this addiction at around age 13; At around 12 years old, I loved to read books, non fiction, fiction. After about 13-14, the only reason I opened a book was either because I had to (school) or to find some triggering image. Even today, I still read for "pleasure", but its a false pleasure - I force myself to read.

    In our modern age, its really hard to avoid the knowing. You cant walk into a supermarket without seeing a woman in a bikini in a magazine cover for example. Also, societal views make it all the more difficult - society is more liberal with sexuality, so theres also somewhat of a societal reward for promiscuity - and theres stigma to being virgin. I think both of these attitudes/realities are somewhat toxic, because society becomes more sex focused. And I think a great deal of that energy should be redirected towards anything higher.
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    You have to realize that "kinky sex, sex toys" etc is not the normal. At a young age, you need to know that sex between a man and woman is what is intended to be, because that will set the course (wiring your brain) for the rest of your life. This day and age, sex and its definition is so convoluted. The porn industry has it so manipulated that it has brainwashed millions of people.
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