Is it PIED or a venous leak issue? + suspensory ligament

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  1. *My questions are underlined and in bold if you want to skip to it.

    I am concerned about the quality of my erections and I'm not sure if my problem is a PIED issue or a venous leakage issue.

    So basically when I get an erection via porn (which I haven't looked at in 2 days) or by explicit thoughts, my erection immediately goes away after the mental/visual stimulation stops. I noticed that this also happens when changing positions. *Is anyone dealing with or has had this issue before and is now functioning normally? Is this considered PIED or could it possibly be a venous leak? - I know seeing a urologist would be ideal in determining a venous leak but I want to at least reboot and make some lifestyle changes before I do that.
    Also, I believe I have a loose suspensory ligament making my erections unstable. My erections do not point above 90 degrees unless I hold my penis at a 45-degree angle while the penis is filling with blood. If I don't hold it while being aroused, it will just point towards the ground in the 4 o'clock position. Does anyone have any experience with a low hanging erection/loose suspensory ligament? I'm not sure if this affects the above issues in the first paragraph.
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    It's good to go to the doctor and rule out venous leakage before making any assumptions, but try to stay away from porn as well for a while to see if that helps.

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