Is it PIED or Venous Leak? Please, help..

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  1. Rebel A.

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    Hi, dear friends. I just discovered this amazing web of yours. I wanted to know if maybe you can help to know what's going on with my penis and me. I've got this symptoms:

    -Weak erections (maintained if manually stimulated. Though there are some days when I have very strong erections and just a tiny stimulation is enough to maintain them and they last longer without touching it compared to the wak ones)
    -Erection goes away if there's no manual stimulation
    - No morning woods or very few and at 50% at max
    - No random erections through the day
    - Position dependant ED (I lose erection when I stand up somewhat easy)
    - When I get weak and easy to lose erections, I feel like I can ejaculate way quicker than normal
    -Sometimes I lose my erection while penetrating and I have to manually stimulate my dick to get erect and keep having sex (I repeat this process all the times it happens)
    - Can't get or maintain an erection by only visual stimulation. I can get engorged to like 30-40% but If I don't touch my dick, no full erection is achieved. I MUST touch it.

    I'm a 28yo dude, 220lb weight and 1.75m tall. Don't know if being overweight is making this worse but I've been having similar issues since 2015 (24yo). I got diagnosed with Hashimoto's diesease (it's under control with 100mcg Levo). No diabetes, no high blood presure, no nothing aside from Hashimoto. Though my T levels are in the lower end of the normal range but doc told me to get my free T checked because all the fat that I have (like 35% bodyfat) was decreasing my total T.

    I've been masturbating while watching porn since I was 13-14yo I guess. Even with porn, I have the same issues. It's weird that I have stronger erections with pictures of regular girls on Facebook, lol. So I don't know if my problem is psychological, physical or a combination of both. Maybe it's PIED or the horrendous venous leak. Though my urologist told me that if I had VL, my dick would be DEAD every single time.

    I've tried 5mg Cia lis and I can get rock hard erections and have sex normally, though it seems like everytime I have an erection after the first erection after I take the pill, it seems like the second and son on are only 95%=>90% but not close to what I can achieve the first time after taking that pill. As if the first erection was superior to the others. If I had venous leak, Cia lis wouldn't work, right? Not sure about this.

    My new urologist told me to get a Doppler Ultrasound test to see if I have Venous Leak and varicocele as well. A doc told me 4 years ago that I might have varicocele but after the test, there was no signs of this but time has passed and very unsual and randonmly, my left testicle hurts a bit and I feel some thicker veins in my left side compared to the right one.

    Is there a relationship between varicocele and venous leak? Don't know what to think or do. I'll get tested as my urologist suggested but I don't really wanna wait more or not know what's happening to me. It's killing me this quarantine, making me think the worst :c

    Hope you can help me, guys.

    Thanks a lot in advance!
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  2. Rebel A.

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    I'd like to get some help, please..
  3. Silent Eyes

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    I’m not a medical professional, but I understand your concerns about a venous leak.

    I strongly suggest returning to your doctor, especially if you’re feeling pain. There’s just never a bad time to check on your health.

    I also strongly suggest continuing your reboot, if that’s the course you’re currently on. It’s more of a “wait and see” approach, but it’s the approach that puts the ball in your court.

    Think of it like a process of elimination.

    You can’t go wrong with a reboot or visiting your doctor. Do both.
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  4. Rebel A.

    Rebel A. Fapstronaut

    I'm currently doing both as you say. I just don't want to suffer from venous leak because it has no cure :S Unless that implant thing but it's not the same..
    Hope everthing's in my head and my issue is just performance anxiety, depression, being overweight and PIED.

    I really wanna feel normal and functional
  5. Rebel A.

    Rebel A. Fapstronaut

    I really hope it's just PIED and performance anxiety. I need to do that test in order to check if there's a leak or not. Maybe that'll put my mind at ease.
    I hope I don't have it 'cause there's virtually no cure for that thing. I've read it's very rare so I don't know.

    And yeah, I'm losing weight and avoiding porn and masturbation.
  6. dzigi

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    I am not a doctor, this is just my opinion. Even tho you are overweight I think you only have PIED. I've read symptoms of yours and everything is pointing in that direction. Please clean your diet and start little bit with excercise. Diet is 80% of results. So in the beginning clean your diet and do 10 pushups and 20 situps. That is more than good!! Just 1 round 10 pushups and 20 situps. Thats too much kg for your height. So start Nofap process now to cure PIED, i think that is a case based on what you said and lose weight please! No one will say it is going to be easy but results are worth it.
    Long term results > short term pleasure
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  7. Penninesandcheviots

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    I'm not an expert or anything, but I have spoken to my doctor about this and from my knowledge, you almost certainly don't have a venous leak.

    People with a venous leak just can't get hard at all. It just doesn't happen, even with medication you would have no movement down there whatsoever.

    What you describe is PIED. And possibly a variocele, but you'd need to get that checked up on by a professional.

    Don't worry about venous leak, this is a very VERY rare condition and people who have a venous leak typically have it from birth and have never been able to even get a semi. You certainly don't have a venous leak so you'd be doing yourself a huge favour to just throw that thought out.
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  8. Zorro999

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    Hello have you a doppler test?
  9. Rebel A.

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    That's what I thought at first. A doc told me my dick would be DEAD so he said don't you even remotely think about it 'cause it's not VL but.. there's another doctor who said Vl is not like you're broken 100% or you're good 100%. He said there are some levels. Like you can have a very mild VL which can evolve and get worse in the future. And you can have a very bad VL and what you described would match perfectly.

    So now I don't know and I won't risk my mental and physical health just by assuming I have it or not. Doppler test is the way to go. It's like testing for Diabetes. No matter how hard I believe I have it. If I don't have it, I don't have it. Doppler will show me the truth and I hope it's just PIED, my mind, hormona, pelvic floor tightness/weakness or something else that is completely curable.
  10. Rebel A.

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    Aun no, Zorro.
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