Is it possible to die from loneliness ?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by tomi45, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. tomi45

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    the question above . I feel like i have friends and people who care about me (idk) but i still feel so lonely and i am only 17 . My day constists of me going to school and back to home being alone for the rest of the day . Idk i think my life is so fcked up everybody my age is so ahead of me and i feel like i am stucked knowing nothing about life ....
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  2. bloomz

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    Well I’m not dead yet & im 10 years older. I hope you can break the cycle & don’t become like me!! You can find happiness my friend!!
  3. TurnTides

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    Solitude can be nice, peaceful and quiet in the chaos that is life.

    You're very young, focus on your schooling, life gets increasingly difficult when you become an adult. It's very important to find something you enjoy learning, and trying to make that passion part of your future job. A lot of people hate what they do, work hard to not be one of those people.

    Try to find like-minded people, others who like the same hobbies as you. If you cant, try to occupy your mind with a book, or drawing, or maybe get into a tv/movie series. Broaden your knowledge!
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  4. Marik757

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    You're still young and have lots of things to experience. I had very over-protective parents, so me and my sister were had our fair share of loneliness. Not being able to go out with friends and experience teen life. If I knew back then what I knew now I should have been more rebellious to want to try new things.

    Find an hobby you'd enjoy and get involved. Go to the gym at school (if it as one), airsoft, cars, computers, etc. Find something that is productive which can open up an pathway for you to be around others.

    Ignore those who are the party types. Growing up I noticed most people who I thought were my friends recognize my weakness of loneliness and took advantage of it. They would invite me with their crew to the bars/clubs but only to make them stand out and them getting the girls. I always ended up being the 3rd wheel.

    Because you are still young you have a lot of options on the table. People you knew from school will slowly disappear as the responsibilities of adulthood begin to kick in. Focus on hobbies, and an career you want, go to college and meet other young aspiring adults.
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  5. tIoD

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    Wait for it, it will hit even harder as time will pass. JK dude xD
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  6. horny nerd

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    I am in the same boat and am 16. I hope we make it through.
  7. Infrasapiens

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    It is sometimes better to be alone than surrounded by idiots, which is what most people your age do. Do activities that interest you that involve going outside, you will eventually find others to socialize with.
  8. overclocked

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    I think it can. But it must be complete isolation, like solitary confinement.
    It also depends on the person. There are many hermits that live off grid for decades.
  9. all i have is myself. i have lots of conversations in my head so im basically my only friend

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