Is it possible to reboot and still have sex w my gf

Discussion in 'Rebooting in a Relationship' started by STbreakfree, Jul 24, 2023.

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    Ive been trying to stop for a while now. This time though feels different not looking at it has been easier. I just feel like my performance in the bedroom has been lacking still because of the porn usage throughout the years. It gives me performance anxiety and causes me to nut too early. How long till this goes away or what can i do to help mentally.
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    What is your longest streak without PMO?
    What is your average streak?
    It is possible to still have sex with your girlfriend but the chemicals released during sex with gf may make it harder to avoid PMO in the days after sex with gf.
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    So my experience has been a hard no. You cannot have sex and reboot successful. But I don't think it's impossible either. My hang up on this has been that I have PMOed many times when my wife isn't interested in sex for a long time and I get resentful and act out. Rebooting while still having sex gave me a false sense of security that my reboot was working faster than it really was. My wife and I would have more sex than normal and then I always wanted more. It would inevitably end in relapse because I allowed myself to think I deserved it. And since my wife was not interested or we were "at odds" I would convince myself to act out.

    I think you definitely could have sex while rebooting but that's just my experience. If frequency of sex is an issue for you and your gf then it's definitely something to consider anyway.
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    This is how I feel right now. The sex is good and enjoyable, but I feel like I ejaculate at least a bit too early. Some days I can last longer and it depends on what’s going on. Some times stress causes lack of stamina or what not I believe.

    To answer your question honestly I think it hurts in recovery. Yeah you are going to be satisfied once you do it. But your mind is going to want more after a few days then your chemicals switch to P usage because there’s tons of better looking woman, it’s right there, also more satisfying with what you see online. That’s the part that is hurting your brains chemicals to naturally doing it.
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    I have rebooted whilst having sex on a number of occasions. It wasn't a problem for me and made it much easier for me to avoid porn or masturbation. It gives you a valid outlet for that pent up energy.

    With regards to the problems you're describing, that will improve with time. In the meantime, medication can resolve problems with performance anxiety and nutting early. No one really wants to do it but it could just serve as a stopgap while you rewire the ole grey matter.

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