Is it possible to restore your eyesight naturally?

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  1. I have a question that's bugging me: is it possible to improve your eyesight naturally without surgery? I sure hope there's other ways to restore your eyesight besides surgery. I sure as hell don't want lasers carving out my retinas. Not only is surgery costly, but it also sounds really painful and traumatic so I don't think it's worth it.

    I have heard of the Bates method and I have been practicing for over a month now but I'm not seeing much results. I might have to give it time but I feel like I'm wasting my time. I have no idea if the Bates method actually works or not.

    I'm also eating a healthy, well balanced diet as well. Eating more avocados and eggs for lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that not only help reduce your risk of cataracts and macular degeneration, but are also key to healthy eyes. I'm also eating more walnuts and wild-caught salmon for the healthy omega-3 fats.

    Back when I was young, I used to have excellent eyesight. I was able to see everything clearly from a distance. I don't think it's genetics per se, but rather poor habits like staring at a computer screen for prolonged periods of time that led to my dependency on glasses.

    I don't like wearing glasses that much. They feel like a crutch for my eyes. I feel jealous whenever I see people who don't need glasses. It feels annoying when I can't see shit from a distance without my glasses. It also feels uncomfortable as hell whenever I look at a screen when I wear glasses so I always take them off.

    I have a pretty low prescription thankfully because I don't need to wear glasses most of the time. I really want to be able to improve my vision though.

    So is there really a way to restore your eyesight besides surgery? Does the Bates method actually work or is it just bullshit pseudoscience thought up by some random hack? If you have managed to heal your eyesight with the Bates method, pls let me know.

    -Captain Rex
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    Eating carrots can help. Carrots have a lot of Vitamin A, which helps your eyesight.
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    I'll tell you few anecdotes I've come across. In science, this would be called pseudoscience, unscientific, junk science, etc.

    1. A 39 year old guy at work said when he was a teen he was put on glasses and his eyesight kept getting weaker every year and he got so fed up that he just stopped wearing them altogether. At first he had a lot of problem with vision but after some years his vision became normal again. I called BS on his story and didn't believe him.
    2. Many years ago I was remembering how my mom used to wear glasses (a decade prior to that), and I asked her why she stopped wearing. She said her eyes weren't that bad when on glasses so she only wore them sometimes but then she just stopped wearing them for a long time. Now she says her vision is perfect and if she wears her old glasses, the vision is skewed.
    3. Another new guy would come to work wearing these comical "pinhole" glasses that didnt have a lense in them, just a wall with pinholes in them to see through (imagine trying to see the world from a keyhole in the doorknob). I dont know what his prognosis was but he said it was fixing his near sightedness.
    So I told these three stories to my eye doctor. He laughed and said "that's impossible!!!".
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  4. My dude, never ask a professional if something is possible, they only know what they have studied in their books. They are not the people who create knowledge, they just put knowledge someone else created to good use.
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  5. Why is my post gone? Fucks sake.

    Basically mate, be very careful about getting surgery cos it can result in weakened eyes which can then be fucked completely if you get bashed into eg in a mosh pit or waterskiing or playing rugby. Do your research if you every change your mind about the surgery thing.
  6. Wise take. Not universally applicable, but still, good take nice one.
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    Yes u can, ur eyes have muscles too and this muscles u can train up.
    There is some videos in YouTube about this
  8. A friend of my uncle actually improved his eyesight by eating a bowl of carrots everyday for a year.
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    Getting outside helps.a recent study showed that blue light in sunlight only helps your vision. The reason why so many kids wear glasses now is because they spend all their time inside on screens, even at school. But I don't think you can get 100% recovery from near sightedness.
  10. There is a man I came across not too long ago named Jake Steiner, and he runs a website called ''. Just from going through the first couple of days in his 7 Day E-Mail Starting Guide, I have learned so much about how the eyes really work. He started his own journey at -5 Diopter High Myopia--which is equivalent to about 20/200 vision--and is now living his life at a natural 20/20 vision. He didn't do LASIK or eye exercises, but instead centers his success primarily around Active Focus. It is a lot to take in, and there are many terms to learn, but he is incredibly detailed about his natural healing, heavily encouraging people to do their own research instead of just listening to him. If you're interested in him, I'll leave the link to his 'Start Here' YouTube video. Important links from there can be found in the video's description box. He is a little cringe worthy sometimes with his humor, but very informative in this video, nonetheless, haha.

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    There was a reporter that recently committed suicide after doing one of those eye procedures that ended up going wrong.
  12. Do eye exercises, my friend did these for a couple months and is no longer glasses restricted.
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    Sounds like the eye health industry is full of untruths about "vision health".
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    Vitamin A and Vitamin B12
  15. I think contact lenses can help contain the damage because it forces the eye into its natural shape. It avoids it from keep deforming.
  16. What is the bates method?

    Look up Dr Joe Dispenza
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    If one can it will be eating healthy and doing yoga and eye exercises some may have eye muscles issues which can be fixed but rarely I think rarely your lens issues will be corrected.
    P.s not a doctor
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    In India, there are couple of methods in Yoga and ayurveda to help restore eye sight, I cannot verify the veracity but these are very popular and some people follow every step mentioned below:
    1. Eating lots of carrots and drinking carrot juice.
    2. eye exercises, where you rotate your pupil in every direction (the video above can also be used)
    3. In the early morning i.e. around 5:30/6 am , walking barefoot on green grass. The grass needs to be natural, not the gmo one. This seems bro science but I have seen so many people doing it.
    4. Tratak kriya (Google it)
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