Is it risk to meet girls during reboot?

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    Hi guys,
    I would like to write something about my dating history at the beginning.
    I was addicted on the social networks and chatting with a lot of girls. About life, their problems etc. And my hidden intent of this chatting was always something like maybe they should have sex with me if they will meet sometimes.
    But the reality was a little bit different. We met, we had a lot of talks about everything, but sex was only sometimes, maybe 3% of the girls which I met.
    And my feelings was the same: Each time, when some girl wrote me on Facebook, or other social network (if think it does not matter if it was my friend or some girl I have dont seen before) asking me for help with some problems, or only asking what I have new in my life,etc. I still have some visualisation, or fantasy or thinks like OK, I should help her, I should meet, maybe there will be some potential of sex with her.
    I take it like now meeting with my friend ,or some new people, but only like OK, maybe there should be sex.
    Of course the probability of sex was too smalll, because these girls wanted some advice, help, maybe to full their boring times, I dont know.
    OK,I think it is enough from my history.

    The question now is:
    I am rebooting myself now. It is good to meet some girls now during reboot in order to practice myself not feeling about sex with them, but only training myself and trying to be as a human, to be with new people, or old friends...only be...without hoping there will be some sex...only be and talking with them...train myself to be friend...only friend and be there without sexual fantasy...learning to be this type of man...
    I would like to learn it, by be there without some sexual intention, or fantasy.Do you think is it risky to learn by practice? To meet with real girls, reals people instead of virtually porn train myself to talk with girls without sexual expectations.
    Thanks for all your opinions
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