Is it sex addiction?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by KASE1228, Jul 31, 2020.

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    You don't take hints, do you? No one here agrees with you, no one here likes you or listen to you. And you still ramble on like a damn fool. What "education" did you claim to have again? Law enforcement? Wank Academy? Phd in Misandric Bullshit Keyboard Warfare? Because I am in medicine, and I can tell you, the thing you're doing here is not mentally sound.

    A husband that doesn't want monogamy and do not feel like being in a sexual relationship with his wife have the obligation to divorce her and let her be free to pursue her life with someone new. Why are you so into the idea that trapping a woman in a sex and lifeless marriage is ok? Is it some kind of sadistic slave fantasy of yours to deprive someone of what's promised?
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    My guy, it's easy to see you're not all there, but even you can't be so stupid as to think you know about this woman's life outside of what she's said. You're hypothesising for the sake of continuing this argument because you clearly have nothing better to do. Dude, you're nearly 40. Stop arguing with people half your age on the internet and start that career you should have paid more attention to 20 years ago.
    Read through your own post history, you have nothing nice or supportive to say to anyone. The only positive act you've done on this forum is allow yourself to become a living breathing advert for why people should give up porn while they still have their lives ahead of them and not become an ageing, bitter, lonely man like you have become. Take some time to reflect my man, it's not too late to do something meaningful with your life
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    Long story short I’ve been dating a PA for a year now, and after finding out how badly he’s been lying to me after rebooting this past month has destroyed me. But here’s a weird part I’m not comprehending....
    When admitting to me the next day after PMO, he admitted to scrolling through reddit and redgifs etc anywhere from 2-15 mins a day. Even if I was in the other room or ran to the gas station for 5 mins.
    How many PA here are that addicted to where they just need to scroll models or nsfw a couple times through out a day with no intention of MO?!
    Is this prepping yourself for something later? (We normally have a pretty healthy often sex life). I mean one day for example was while 4 kids were in the house, but he was alone in the couch, and couldn’t help himself for 5 mins when he was alone in a house full of people on the living room couch, and just felt the need to scroll while taking care of our 5 month old son.
    why?! Please help me understand is this really part of the addiction or is this deeper? How concerned should I be? I was so involved in the beginning and helping in every way possible until lie after lie after lie. But I don’t even understand why he scrolls randomly while smoking etc. and really only MOed once the whole month. Does that sound believable?
    Do any other PAs here just scroll throughout the day randomly and can’t help just looking any moment they get whether pics of naked woman or gifs? Or is there more to it I’m missing?
    Please help me understand.... I’m desperate to know and help if I can or should I assume note lies?
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  4. Yes . . . it's definitely possible. Look around you (at work, school, at a coffee shop) and what do you see? People on their phones. A couple on a date and they still need to check their phones. People in an important meeting but still glancing at their phones. Whether it's sexual or not, there a dopamine hit that comes with the activity on our phones - whether it's news, text message or sexy images. But . . . the sexy images give a bigger dopamine hit. It can be really, really hard for an addict to resist dosing their brain with another dopamine hit when it's literally just a click away and when our smart phones are right there in our pockets.

    From what I'm hearing, there is some honesty coming from your PA if he is confessing that he has been looking at those images. And yes, it is possible that he is looking at those images 5, 10, 100 times a day and not masturbating. It's probably worse if he were masturbating to those images, but either way, looking at sexy images like that is not healthy for his brain. Literally, our brains did not evolve to be inundated with sexually arousing images like that, maybe once in a while, but not all day long.
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    I know during my recovery, I've realized that scrolling through my phone is very high risk. I realized I had to delete my Facebook, snapchat , instagram , Twitter.. it's all about finding your triggers as they come and put in plans to stay away from them next time.
    It sounds like to me that his next thing that needs to be ironed out is his cellphone usage. It's good that he's being honest about it. And I hope he continues to be. If he decides to watch what hes doing on his phone . It won't be perfect. But as long as he is honest to you about it.
    Our addiction makes us do things that are dangerous, and selfish and it can bring you into risky situations. But the addiction doesn't care.
    I hope this helps !
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