Is it true that masturbation boosts your..

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  1. MisterPuh

    MisterPuh New Fapstronaut

    Please be honest about this one..
    Is it true that masturbation helps to boost your immune system or its just a placebo?
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  2. Whenever I do masturbate I don't feel good. My legs, arms, my body starts cracking up for some reason. So, I don't think it helps boost your immune system. Keep your vital energy within buddy. You can start now. I even start to forget things frequently which sucks.

    You know, why don't you experiment this yourself. You are your best teacher. Come up with answers yourself my brother.
  3. Arez01

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    I literally never felt healthier because of masturbation, pretty much the opposite. I don't see why it would boost immune system
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  4. Fuck no it doesn't boost your immune system.
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  5. To be honest I don't think it plays a big role, not positive nor negative
    4 years of masturbation and I rarely got sick
    Still after nofap I rarely get sick,and now I actually feel good and healthy and energetic so it's a totally better lifestyle
    Masturbation makes you feel good for a short period then you will totally feel worse
    And if you abstain you may have more power and energy to recover quickly experince says no,but everyone may differ,it's just my opinions
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  6. Kligor

    Kligor Fapstronaut

    No masturbation don't boost your immune system.
    When i don't masturbate for a month+ or similar i feel like i m unstoppable.More immune to cold temperatures and much less sick.
    When i masturbate i feel like i m dead,always tired,sick,feel like i have 59 years old instead of 19.
  7. Davidphd1866

    Davidphd1866 Fapstronaut

    I emphatically feel masturbation HARMS your immune system. For me, I get sick much easier if I have been fapping.

    During this Wuhan Virus scare, I am trying to keep my hands off for sure.
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  8. pump20

    pump20 Fapstronaut

    HECK NAH!!! Keep the semen inside the body because the semen helps to boost immune system and prevention of getting coronavirus and other viruses inside body. I've been there and done that.
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  9. PIEDSufferer

    PIEDSufferer Fapstronaut

    It’s a misconception here. There are ongoing studies to suggest that your emotions play a big role in your physical health, which I believe is absolutely true. And the more healthy you are physically, the stronger your immune system is.

    How does masturbation play into that? Well, there is also the idea that a healthy sex life makes you happy, which can translate to physical health in a positive way. It’s less about the sex, and more about being happy. I can see where some people might interpret that differently, thinking that the happiness we get from sex is directly linked to orgasms, and believe that orgasms of ANY kind will lead to happiness. This is absolutely not the case! Because how does masturbation make you feel? Not just in the moment, but overall? If you derived genuine happiness from masturbation, then you wouldn’t be on this forum, right? We’re all here because masturbation makes us feel shitty, and has ruined our sex lives. Now again, a healthy sex life with a loving partner can do absolute WONDERS for your emotional health! To be completely satisfied with your relationship both emotionally and physically will definitely contribute to genuine long term happiness. And THAT will contribute to good physical health and, therefore, a stronger immune system.
  10. Davidphd1866

    Davidphd1866 Fapstronaut

    PIEDsufferer offers us great clarity on what is often the great "lie" about masturbation and sex. THANK YOU for making this post.

    If I may repeat what he said: If masturbation truly made you happy, you would not be here.
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  11. I feel that
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  12. ayanaambe115

    ayanaambe115 Fapstronaut

    Honestly speaking masturbation has nothing beneficial for your immune system. But NOFAP benefits, i stayed healthy since my abstinence while I had been sick of many occasions during those of my fapping years. And the best exemplary is that,
    In my country I know personally MONKS who are in life time NoFap due to their religious order. I can proudly say almost all of them die aged more than 100 years even with out a single visit to hospitals.
  13. source?
    most people feel like shit after - which depresses you.. which depresses your immune system.
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  14. Scorcher2000

    Scorcher2000 Fapstronaut

    I don't think so. I think whoever says this gets paid by porn industry or something.
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  15. JasonMamoa

    JasonMamoa Fapstronaut

    Porn is a billion dollar industry. Of course they would want you think that its a good thing. There is a reason all the ancient wisdom, religions and culture advice against it. If that is not enough our own experience tells us this. There are other sure cut ways to boost immunity such as having a healthy lifestyle.

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