Is it wrong for humans to eat flesh?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Splashh, Mar 18, 2020.

  1. Splashh

    Splashh Fapstronaut

    Its part of nature animals eat other anmials all the time.

    I believe theres nothing wrong with eating flesh, what do you think about that?
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  2. luxus

    luxus New Fapstronaut

    Nah, nothing wrong.
  3. Splashh

    Splashh Fapstronaut

    I think alot of people think its wrong
  4. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    I think like everything in life. Balance!
    Nothing is good if you doing to much. I think we as people are to big consumer's. Is kind of difrent 'animals eat animals' then when people eat animals. We eat one that never got to live and chanse to fight for his life and we eat it in overdoses. I eat meat reguraly. But not all. And I try to eat one that are not from some farms where animals don't see daylight.
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  5. Tatendrang

    Tatendrang Fapstronaut

    it's wrong to eat human flesh
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  6. MuddyShadows

    MuddyShadows Fapstronaut

    The thing about humans is that we think too much about things. I'm sure that those thoughts would never cross the mind of an animal, it just doesn't makes sense.

    I don't see that as wrong. I would easily eat someone if I ended up in a live-or-die situation like that airplane crash in the Andes.
  7. Eternally Music

    Eternally Music Fapstronaut

    Um... of course not, especially if we're talking about animals. People fine with eating a person are, well... sick to put it mildly. But the following:

    Because "animals do it" isn't necessarily a good reason to justify an action. Animals also use mating practices that look very similar to rape (examples include cats and ducks), are known to commit cannibalism (examples include sharks and snakes... and also cats), partake in incest, (see rats) or simply attack a lone creature without provocation (examples include dogs).
  8. Mistersofty

    Mistersofty Fapstronaut

    I think it’s wrong to not eat flesh. Humans are omnivores by nature.
  9. PIEDSufferer

    PIEDSufferer Fapstronaut

    I think you should be able to eat whatever you want. People who think it’s wrong to eat meat don’t do it. Which is fine. Doesn’t affect me at all. My girlfriend is a vegetarian simply because she doesn’t like the taste of meat. I eat lots of meat. I never tell her to, and she never tells me not to. I show her love by cooking vegetarian dishes for her, and I really enjoy doing that. If she could cook (nope:rolleyes:), I’m sure she wouldn’t mind making meat-based dishes for me out of love.
  10. Address_Unknwn

    Address_Unknwn Fapstronaut

    Having a balanced diet is good. A little bit of everything, but not too much of anything. I like me a nice steak, but I also enjoy eating vegetables, fruits, oats, etc.
    I think too many people today judge others for what they are or aren't eating. Mind your own business, I say.
    In terms of certain kinds of meats being banned by religion, a wise man once said that it's not what we eat that defile us, but what comes out of our mouths (what we speak).

    Something to think about.
  11. Splashh

    Splashh Fapstronaut

    Fair point but why do you think its not wrong for humans to eat other aninals
  12. Neurostudent

    Neurostudent Fapstronaut

    I don't think there is a logical justification for eating animals for most people since most people can eat a plant-based diet and be perfectly healthy. I have been a vegetarian for 6 years now. In that time I've squatted and deadlifted over 400lb, benched 250lb. I'm very rarely sick, and I feel fantastic. My poops are great. Obviously there are some people who can't survive on a plant-based diet because of digestive issues. My mom has Crohn's disease which prevents her from digesting most foods adequately. She would be unable to survive on a plant-based diet. I'm sure there are many diseases and genetic abnormalities that prevent people from eating plant-based as I'm sure there are diseases and genetic abnormalities that prevent people from eating meat.

    Creating unnecessary suffering in the world is evil. The industries that survive off the death and suffering of animals need to be removed. I don't believe this should happen overnight. This would have huge and long-lasting effects on the economy. It's unfortunate that we must decide between the two, but the fact of the matter is that the family who eats because their parents are in the animal industry is more important than the animal lives. That doesn't change the fact that the industry of animal suffering must eventually be brought to an end.

    All of this is kind of a moot point though. As lab-grown meat becomes cheaper and better tasting (you better believe they can make fake meat that tastes better than real meat) the market will decide to go with the more cost-effective options and people will have no choice but to choose fake meat over real meat. Eventually the price of real meat will rise and it will only be eaten by the very wealthy who can afford it.
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  13. WolfHound 獣

    WolfHound 獣 Fapstronaut

    I support your wisdom .
    Yours too.
    If you are human, yes .
    Not only wisdom, but that warrior mindset . Deserve respect .
    But have you told the other way? Okay, rape is bad, imma law student, I know. But it is bad due to programming. Civilisation . In those animal cases, it is nature . We suppress our nature. What I mean is.. Have you seen a gorilla invite a mate to a dinner ?
    6 years veganism, vegetarism is good. Resources say it everywhere. But 10,15, 20+ years it comes dangerous. Search for older people 50,60 old people looking awful in the face . Due to them being stripped off B12, amino acids and other vitamins and minerals in animal products. You are a youngin' now you can live on Coca cola and waffles even . But not be able to benchpress those results.

    I am really glad I found so many opinions and all of them wise. Didn't expect that .
    My opinion is best diet out is Hiromi Shinia 90 non animal, 10 animal in percentages . He is very strict on fast food and poisoning . So for me he is the best out there.
    Personally, I eat animal every day . Very rare skip, yet non animal is more . Like 70-30 in favor of plants .
    From spiritual point of view, yogis say it is bad to eat DEAD, but they don't workout hard, neither stress. Hectic life of a youngin can't go on a yoga diet. Constant hunger . Stripped of nutrients.
    This 90-10 diet is for health purposes, 0 animal is for spiritual purposes, mine is much more of an energy point of version 70-30 in favour of non-animal and I eat a lot, though .
    So choice is yours, nothing bad eating flesh, but be conscious, somebody die for you. Remember the next time you bitch out. (said in respectful way ) . Much love .
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  14. WolfHound 獣

    WolfHound 獣 Fapstronaut

    True that .
  15. WolfHound 獣

    WolfHound 獣 Fapstronaut

    Or they will use animals misery even more. And still got the result . But that is very progressive thinking here .
  16. Neurostudent

    Neurostudent Fapstronaut

    I think you touch on a really important point that I missed. Let's assume that eating a plant-based diet is unhealthy. Even if that is the case, that doesn't necessarily mean that eating animals is not evil. Something can be unhealthy for you, but still be a good thing. For example, if you are starving to death and the only thing to eat is your own child, it would still be evil to eat that child despite the fact that you are starving. Perhaps you'll decide to eat your child, but it was still an evil. A necessary evil in regard to your own survival, but an evil nonetheless.

    So with that being said, even if eating a plant-based diet is unhealthy in the long-term I would choose to eat the plant-based diet. And imo, you can touch up nutrient deficiencies by taking ethically sourced vitamins. And over time, we will find ways to correct those deficiencies through a science that is supported by the vegan food industry.
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  17. ShadyPerson

    ShadyPerson Fapstronaut

    I don't think eating meat is any worse than eating plants or mushrooms.

    However I do think that most of our current meat industry is producing meat in extremely inhumane ways and that I think is wrong. I also think supporting it if you have a choice is wrong.

    Also I think that consuming meat in excess is irresponsible due to the fact that producing meat strains environment more than plant based diet does.

    Oh, and this isn't quite as well-known or major problem but also some producers use antibiotics to make their animals to grow faster, which creates superbacteria that is resistant to antibiotics, which again is obviously irresponsible.

    I'd like to encourage everyone to consider what kind of choices they are making when they buy meat. There are several ways for us to help make the world a better place even without going 100% vegetarian.
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  18. Splashh

    Splashh Fapstronaut

    The degree of the anmials suffering is the responsibility of another man. The way its been treated is the fault of the ones who has treated it that way.

    I pay for flesh, not cruelty, if it were my duty I would treat the animal fair.
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  19. elvagoazul

    elvagoazul Fapstronaut

    Eating a lot of meat is wrong. But meat is important for our nutrition. I think the best would be eating meat in moderate amounts. And it is important to remember most of the meat comes from animals which suffered.

    recently I saw a short video on that topic that seems impartial:
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  20. ShadyPerson

    ShadyPerson Fapstronaut

    But you are choosing to support those people monetarily though.
    Alternative way to influence the situation would be by voting for politicians that want to ban or restrics this kind of cruelty.
    Or you can choose to deny your responsibility for how your actions affect the world around you.
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