Is Life Fair ?

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  1. Happy you ''agree''. About me, i will not read Dostoijevski until i didn't finish with Tolstoj, despite they are the two giants of the russian-world litterature. I actually own Brothers Karamazov and some other of his books cause of my family, that really scare me, is giant. What do you think is better to start with Dostoijevski? I was thinking to Idiot or White Nights.
  2. Edit: I don't know why I get into these talks. :D

    I'm gonna just watch.
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    I'd go one step forward, it's not only 0% fair, but you arent as free as you think you are, Thinking Ape on youtube tells it like it's, is a Blind person free to see? Is someone on a wheelchair free to walk?

    Basically we are only free to a limited extent of what our bodies and minds can enable.
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  4. Life is not fair. Some people are born with disabilities for something they didn't deserve while others are born into wealth, the son or daughter of a king.
    We have celebrities living in mansions out in California and LA racking in millions of dollars while living a dream most of us will never live.
    We tend to think we live until 80 and will live a good life but this isn't the case.
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  5. Archangel01

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    Life is what you think it is!
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  6. It's not. It doesn't have to be.
    It would be nice if certain situations were fair doe. However, I'm reluctant to say that since the last time I saw fairness was back in elementary. Or did I ever see true fairness? I might have created it myself between my brothers. Smh these kids can't share anything.
    I doubt the point of life is for it to be fair.
    There's naturally people better than you, stronger and faster,smarter even and you're stuck with the average pack.
    So why not attempt to make things fair and pace yourself with others? That's what I'll be doing soon, anyway.
    Death is death. Everyone will get what they deserve. Dis how it works.
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    no, not at all and i am the biggest living proof of it :(
  8. It's in your hands to change that.
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    Think the answer is relative, yes and no. So many privileged people out there killing themselves cause of depression while people who have been through hell somehow are full of life. Think there is a balance, I always felt privileged like I never had a reason to be depressed but looking back being physically abused through out my childhood and getting raped had its toll but im still privileged If I compare my life to some other people I met. Some people have had it much worse than me but they still came out on top. My point is even though some people are put into horrible situations that might seem unfair they somehow where stronger and could handle it, just feels like some people are born stronger.
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    I agree with you 100% , I share the same point of view you just mentioned.

    If you consider Great people great because they made success themselves, and here i'm talking about the 1%. Bill Gates - Elon Musk....

    They are successful because they had opportunities to begin with.

    Let's reverse it, Let's imprison the Soul of Elon Musk / Bill Gates inside a Disabled Body in a Broken Family inside a Poor Country, and also provide them with No Education and an IQ below Average. And see how successful will they become!

    Will they achieve something or nothing, I will let you answer that!
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    Life is simple math

    1 ) There is [YOU] THE SPIRIT/ Consciousness!
    2) Your Body! (Genes)
    3) Era Time of life. ~ Early 21 Centry
    4) Enviroment ( Country,Language,Family...)
    5) Your work based on what is given to You.

    All of this combined gives you the Final Product!

    1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = Final You!

    Do not expect to put Elon Musk nor Bill Gates nor Christiano Ronaldo inside any "Body" as a Spirit andexpect them to turn What they are.

    That's Impossible!

    They were destined to success!

    Let's switch their bodies and see how they will turn out!

    If you were born in a fucked up envirment, You are technically Fuck Up! sorry about the language.

    But why ? Sometimes i ask myself why torturing some people this ??? If God Exist why torturing them ???

    The only explaination i find is Buddehism - Reincarnation - Maybe they were bad people in their previous lives....

    But it's still a Mystery to me...
  12. I don't think "fairness" is a well-understood or well-defined concept.
    As @SickSicko said, it would be great if you could try to provide a definition.
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    Oh shit agreeing with @FellatiousD and thinking the same, ok, it's surely the end times....:emoji_grimacing::emoji_laughing:
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  14. preeeeetty much

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