Is loneliness worse at the beginning of reboot?

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Freedom_from_PMO, May 2, 2019.

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    PMO was a way to cope with loneliness for me. I cutted it off and other practices that were giving me dopamine rush, like sexting that was my problem during first ten days of reboot. It resulted in more melancholy and sadness. I am happy that I am making progress with reboot and I stopped doing risque things that might led to relapse. I don't want to go back to the
    past. However it is harder to deal with loneliness, I relatively recently overcomed depression and I am afraid it might return. Dating isn't really option for me for next year or maybe even two years. I need to lose weight and due to medical reasons it takes time, but I am making steady progress. However it is seriously discouraging because almost nobody notices and nobody will for some time in the future because at the beginning there are no significant changes in appearence. I want to better myself, but this is hard. Also I am a stress eater and cutting snacks makes it even harder. I know that I made progress, especially starting a promising reboot was a big step forward but a significant change in my life is so far ahead of me that it seems impossible to reach. I don't want to whine, yer I can't just silence my feeling of sadness. I have good family relations, good friends, I am not socially isolated. I have moments when I am occupied and I just don't have time to think about my loneliness. But from time to time it finds me anyway.

    I'll keep going and I am motivated to leave my past behind, but motivation can't heal my sadness.
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    PMO like any addiction leaves a hole and that hole needs to be filled with something positive, people who don't fill the hole will usually end up coming back to the addiction.

    My friend, if you truly want to change for the better do it for yourself and with the only goal of improving your health, and quality of life. Changing for someone will only bring suffering.
    Accept your present self and work with the hand you v been dealt, and when you achieve your goal your victory will be absolute.
    Everyone has their opinion but in the end the opinion that you have about yourself is the one that matters the most.

    Nothing worthwhile in life ever comes easy.

    Improve the quality of food you consume that will help in a tremendous way, if your not sure on what to eat then it's time to educate yourself on the matter. (cut processed foods and start eating wholesome foods instead)
    You have to coop with your feeling, it's important to stop sometimes and do some soul searching, only you know the why of your sadness, take steps towards fixing the root issue.
    Possible pickup some books on the matter, there are a lot of self help books out there that could be of great help to you and they have the added benefit of keeping you busy so your mind doesn't wander off.

    Best wishes,

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