Is looks the determining factor on whether you can get laid

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by CrypticLegend42, Sep 22, 2018.

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    When I look in the mirror everyday, I genuinely think I look good/fine. While I am an introvert, I still interact with people with confidence and positive energy. I’m 16 and so far through high school I thought that eventually dates/sex would come naturally. I get mixed reception about my appearance as my sister has said her friends think I’m attractive and I have been called handsome by my moms friends, but I haven’t gotten any action at all. Girls in my grade show ZERO interest in me. Most of the time I am enjoying life and working on myself without worry. But every once in awhile other guys that are uglier than me casually talk about how they had sex last night or their gf gave them head or how many girls like them. It makes me as depressed as balls. Based on my understanding of attraction it’s either a.) I’ve been ugly this whole time and I’m tripping balls thinking that I’m attractive
    b.) I’m attractive but my social status is so low that it cancels it out

    Is it over??
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    Putting looks and social "status" aside, just try and improve your social skills.

    Talk to people in general (including girls), go out, spend time together.

    Funny thing is that I have looked up your forum activity and you have a similar topic posted in july.

    And it seems that my answer to this topic here is similar to the answer posted in july by "JamesWarrior". But he put it in better words, so I'm just going to link it here:

    Shortly, if you like a girl, walk over to her and say hello.
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