Is Masturbation Really That Bad?

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  1. I'm not looking for an excuse to do it but I was listening The Liturgists podcast and in one episode Science Mike said there was nothing wrong with it. Really any addiction or obsession is bad so an addiction to masturbation is bad. But is masturbation done in moderation a bad thing?

    Been doing a bit of research online and have found several articles saying it's not wrong if it's done in moderation. Here are the links: (might be a trigger for some).
  2. Veronico

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    No, just forget about masturbation once and for all. Masturbation in moderation does not exist. That's an excuse so you can masturbate and then you will never stop. You won't do it once after a while, your brain will ask for more due to the chemistry inside it being triggered and dopamine rush.
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    I personally think this line that the medical professionals keep putting out there is very damaging. Anything in moderation is fine. There is a serious potential for this to become a habit, and that is when it becomes dangerous.

    Yeah MAYBE M on its own is fine, but the problem of P being so available and the desire to seek out a wider variety of P probably means most people will experiment at some point, and it is very easy to get hooked on it without realising.

    Its a fine line to tread between freaking out teens experimenting and informing them of the risks.The last thing we want to do is make someone who M feel so wrong that they feel even worse about asking for help, they may not ask, and end up in a very dark place!
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    I came to the same conclusion with all the videos I watched from Gary (Your Brain on Porn), and RebootNation as well. The term "NoFap" sounds like don't masturbate but apparently it originally stands for not masturbating to porn. The science behind erectile dysfunction is primarily due to the impact of porn use on the brain and not the impact of masturbation on the brain.

    I still think that if possible, however, masturbation should be reduced as much as possible because it might lead to physical damage of the penis. It's not natural compared to real sex and it can lead to things like death grip or delayed ejaculation. I guess in extreme cases it can also lead to other types of physical damage which is not what any guy would want.

    Therefore, I am doing my best to reduce how often I masturbate. However, my stance on porn is far more clear cut. It's 100% a no go ever again for me after reading the research. I stopped watching in August.
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    For me, the surest sign that I had to stop masturbating was when I was trying to penetrate a girl but had difficulties due to the erections not being strong enough. That alone was a wake up call that I had to stop PMO.

    Masturbation do cause damage to the penis eventually over long term.

    By itself, it's pleasurable and harmless to do it. It feels great! But the damage it does to the Dopamine pathways and penis tells otherwise.

    I always say it's ultimately up to the guy to decide. If he wants to do it, go for it! It's his life. It's not for me although
  6. great point, no such thing as addictions in moderation.
  7. Davepl

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    For me.. m will make me think of the porn I've watched in the past and make me want to look at more.

    Personally I don't think M is bad in general. For me though it will lead to porn.
  8. It is when you watch porn with it.
  9. Can16

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    i dont feel bad after m also i feel relaxed and happy.

    I left m for 60 days and i didnt notice any changes.

    Its up to you.If u feel good then do it.
  10. Veronico

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    I don't get it, masturbation? What is the damn point? To feel self-pleasure? So you jerk off to nothing just for self-pleasure? I'd rather do productive things instead.

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