Is my PIED purely arousal based?

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    I will probably sound like a broken record here. But something I always notice is if I have a hangover from alcohol I am extremely horny. The worse the hangover the more horny I seem to be.

    This isn't a good scenario as it does usually always lead me to PMO relapse. But the other day I had a bad hangover, but I didn't actually have my laptop, I had accidentally left it at my friends house the night before. I also don't use a smart phone.

    So I didn't have any porn or artificial sexual stimulation I could look at. But what I discovered very quickly is this didn't matter at all. The extent of how horny I was the least little thought was extremely turning me on. So I literally ended up laying in bed MOing all day, just imagining I was having sex with women I know while I was masturbating. I had rock solid erections the entire day and was extremely horny the entire day. I actually had a thought that day that if a woman came round to mine for sex that day I would of been able to perform no problem.

    This is quite frustrating. Because to me my issues with getting an erection a lot of the time look like they're purely arousal based, basically how horny I am. What I think has happened with me is I have not been horny, I have looked at enough porn, and then all of a sudden I am horny.

    What I am thinking is if I want to have sex with a woman quickly that the best thing I could do is have a bad hangover the day I am planning on having sex. It's far from an ideal scenario, as a hangover also makes me feel unwell and stuff. But it is unbelievable how much having a hangover from alcohol improves my sexual functioning. Surely there must be something else on the market like a drug, supplement or herb that massively increases someones sexual arousal? Ed drugs like viagra don't actually increase sexual arousal, they just cause blood flow to the penis. So you actually need to be turned on when you take an ed drug like viagra for it to work.

    If there is a drug, supplement or herb on the market that massively increases sexual arousal, I would only really want to take something that I only needed to take as a one off. I wouldn't want to take something every day that needed to build up in my body before it worked, as this would increase the chance of relapse on PMO. Yeah I would only want to take something that increased sexual arousal if I was with a woman. I don't know if there is any drugs, supplements or herbs like this?

    Something I find really strange with the pharmaceutical industry is how they actually haven't created a drug yet that causes sexual arousal. They have drugs that cause blood flow to the penis, but imagine if they combined this with something that massively increased sexual arousal? But I don't know if society would want a drug that had the potential to make all men champions at sex? Because ed drugs like viagra also make a guy last longer, they make you be able to last longer before you ejaculate, and even if you do ejaculate you can keep going. Probably most male porn stars take ed drugs when they're performing and they don't even suffer with ed. So imagine combining something that caused massive sexual arousal, that caused blood flow to the penis, and also made you be able to last longer? I honestly don't know why the pharmaceutical industry haven't created something like this yet.

    But yeah I honestly think the cause of my ed is purely arousal based. If I can masturbate the entire day without porn or artificial sexual stimulation and have a solid erection the entire time when I have a hangover from alcohol then it must be purely arousal based. If you search online about hangovers making you horny you will find a lot of stuff about it. It does seem to be something that happens to a lot of people.

    But yeah it is quite frustrating being hungover from alcohol can increase my sexual arousal and functioning to this extent. Like I said surely there must be something else you could take that would quickly do the same thing?
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    As with most of us on here it seems that you have porn related brain changes. The fact that you can still get an erection shows that you have mild to moderate addiction but you've still desensitized yourself to real women. Do you get aroused while being drunk? or Only waking up from a hangover? I've experienced this effect and I believe it has something to do with alcohols effects with dopamine ect but there may be an underlying issue with anxiety/esteem that the effects of alcohol erases for the time being allowing you to function properly. Another thing I want to point out is that you're wiring your brain to respond through fantasy/imagination. This is a form of edging and you should get that under control. This website is Nofap, so of course you should be following the the protocol and remove porn, masturbating, orgasming, and sexual fantasy. There's no magic pill that will fix this so don't worry about some pharmaceutical fantasy, not to say that isn't a good idea but the issue is you have porn related brain changes which is why you can't get aroused so still to Nofap until you're healed my friend.

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