Is NoFap an effective solution for majority of guys?

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by TonyMontana, Mar 29, 2016.

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    Hey Fapstronauts,
    As we all know, the fundamental reason we've all come to NoFap, is to kill our porn addiction for good. I don't think anyone honestly wants to relapse. I want to know; what percentage of guys make it though to total freedom with no relapse first time? Is Nofap an effective solution? Are they doing enough? Are you guys satisfied with the help and resources that are readily available or are majority of guys finding that the current resources are not enough or are not getting the addiction under control in a quick enough period of time? I have a product/program idea for porn addiction recovery but I need to know if Nofap is helping majority of guys recover or not.
    Personally I started my first official attempt only 8 days ago so I would say I've never relapsed. I've said in the past that I would quit but never got serious and kept a journal of days.
    What are your experiences? As for percentages of guys that make it through, I'd love to hear statistics but I'm also open to educated guesses.
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  2. HitB

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    I can't say that I've recovered, but I'll give you my input.

    I think that you may find that most here would consider themselves "recovering addicts" regardless of how many days they've been without PMO. I think PMO and addiction is always a part of you. That's why many "Anonymous" groups tell you that "everyday is Day 1" and stuff like that. You may have a hard time finding people that consider themselves totally "recovered." But that's simply my opinion. I could be way off base.

    But to be honest, I wouldn't have minded some sort of video tutorial of the site when I joined. I still don't think that I know all that this site has to offer. But that's probably because I've haven't spent the time to explore it in its entirety.
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    Some say that "total freedom" is achieved after about two years. I think, depending on the individual, it might take even longer, or yes, may be it is never achieved. But that's one key thing about life. You can't be perfect -- nor do you have to be to live a life worth living, to be happy and to be at peace with who you are. Anyway, 90 days are never enough for a complete reboot. They are just a start to realize that you don't need masturbation and to become aware of how your mind tricks you into craving it.

    I guess the healthiest way to tackle this is to consider this journey never-ending. Once you think you've made it you stop walking. Pride goes before a fall.

    As for me, I relapsed after 8 months... nevertheless I can see positive changes, lots of them, and as long as I keep working on my goals everything will be alright.
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  4. TonyMontana

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    Thanks for your input man. After hearing that you relapsed after 8 months I was quite shocked. I really didn't believe that something like that was possible, but I guess now I have a better idea of just how long it might take for some people, so in that regard, 2 years does seem reasonable now in my mind. I also wanted to understand your mindset of why you relapsed at 8 months so I checked out your post just now. I just have two questions in regards to that. It seems like you only joined NoFap approximately just over 8 months ago. So then was this the first time you'd attempted to go fap-free? And also, I see you have something like 348 posts on here so were you actively coming onto NoFap everyday or every other day during that 8 months? Cheers.

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