Is nofap right for me?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by hail kaiser, Mar 19, 2019.

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    I am a teenage boy who has been having sex for a few years. Before I had sex I watched porn and masturbated atleast once a day. I feel like porn gave me problems with PE and within the last year when my girlfriend and I went to have sex I had Ed and couldnt get hard at all. I have read a book on love and sex and it has helped but my penis still doesnt always get hard enough for penetration. Will nofap help me with this? I didnt think porn addiction was a problem but now after trying nofap for a few days I get urges from just seeing pornstars in clothes on Instagram. It is an addiction. Doing nofap, when can i expect results to be my best sexually active self.
  2. It depends. You've been looking at porn for years so you're brain just won't go back to normal instantly. No need to worry about it. You need to separate yourself from porn until you feel normal again. Could take a couple weeks could take a year.
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    Porn and masturbation are two evils that must be purged from your life as soon as possible. Even fornication could cause you to relapse into degeneracy, as it has done to countless Fapstronauts. Since you are young, it will be much easier for you to escape the clutches of porn now then if you enslave yourself to the habit for another ten years. Trust me, the PMO addiction isn't worth it!
  4. Short answer, yes it will help, and it definitely won't hurt you.

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