Is NoFap the only way out of this hell?

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  1. I’m depressed and anxious and keep fixating on my past addiction. Like, I feel condemned internally so to say. How do I leave this behind? It’s easier said then done. How do I stop feeling like a piece of crap? The worst of my addiction was several years ago. Just constant anxiety on like a ‘spiritual level’? Shame, disgust, guilt included

    The discomfort seems to die down the longer my streak is but I just worry about the afterlife (paranoid) and that I can never have a normal sex life again without this shit constantly on the back on my mind. Fuck I want to reincarnate to the present moment leaving the sins behind (erasing the whiteboard) feels.

    Edit: Don’t consider myself a bad person. Stupid, gullible teenager though? Absolutely

    (Now in my mid 20s)

    Please help, bless up
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    To answer your first question: No, Nofap isn't the only way out of the hell you're in. Actually, no forum can be a way out of any addiction, no person can be a way out of any addiction, YOU are the way out of your addiction. When you commit to becoming the person you spiritually truly are and let go of all your negative thoughts and ideas and practice in becoming the master of your mind, you're going to be a different guy in a couple of months than the one you are now.

    Read the stories, write in your journal, do the work every day and learn from your mistakes. Don't let your mind trick you into thinking you're never going to get where you want. Stay calm, focused and meditate.
    For me, that's THE way out.
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  3. Thanks for the response. I agree: The only time I’m not anxious is when I tell myself I’m someone else and not that person I was years ago (like literally someone else physically & mentally). I think what stops me is paranoia thinking about people finding out about my past porn addiction which is really silly and stupid. I just wish it never happened, it’s hard man. Guess I’ll just keep working on myself (no other choice) I’m not the best guide for myself (adhd) so I seek help externally and can’t even trust everyone due to some bad apples that could screw me
    over (paranoia)
  4. The paranoia also dies down a lot when I’m on a long streak and know that my mind is acting irrational. But it takes a long time of abstinence to get to that level. I wish I was ‘normal’
  5. You can live freely, but this isnt about pmo, you should technically make the same effort into avoiding other addiction, which means the thing you do include in your life now, cold shower, reading, working out are nothing but shores if you hate them.

    You want to be free, take a pencil or have an honest moment with yourself and imagine yourself free of this addiction, what would you do during your day, what will your life be, after you get all details down, sleep on them, ditch everything you hate about your life and start living life the way YOU WANT TO, not the way people live it in this forum, do hobbies not activities that you dont enjoy, but make no mistake the rules you made to avoid triggers should always be respected, the same way a religious person avoids going to bars, this is were people struggle they go into Monk mode which is the ultimate mode they push through with will power but they experience void when they go on longer streak and when they break free they say now what? Its like those stories you hear about inmates, they serve life in prison, 40 years they are programed to new routine, they live in their prison, they learn to be happy in prison, because they know they will never get out of prison, they don’t even begin to believe and imagine the idea of freedom, freedom to them was their past life, they haven’t visualized their life if they get releases and why would they they are serving life time, and then just when they’re in their 70s their sentence somehow gets reduced and they get released, they suicide, why ? they dont know how to live a normal life anymore, their normal life is left in prison, so imagination is important if one asks for freedom, they need to define what‘s that word FREEDOM, theres no tomorrow, i dont care if people relapsed 100 times, all it takes is total belief they will be free, massive action, which means they are now free, they must live as if porn doesn’t exist, make a plan for triggers ect, be persistent and voila you can start living your dream life right after you relapse the trick is you you START living, not think you can.
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  6. The motivation and wise words I needed to hear. Thank you. My mind always tells me ‘you’re already ruined’ ‘what’s a little more pmo gonna do’. I have to refuse to listen to my thoughts—sometimes I just feel crazy but I will do this and get through this. Just can’t do it alone
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  7. Im glad i could help, remember friend what ever you may be experiencing during nofap other people had gone through it as well and got the life they deserved. Good luck :)
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    365 Days PMO Free is the only way out of this hell indeed.

    Just don't touch your Dick for 365 Days and you'll feel changes.
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  9. Done
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    Fapping definitely make me feel more like crap, so I don't recommend you give up on nofap just because you feel crappy.

    But there are other things in life that affect people's moods as well. What puts me in a better overall mood is:
    1. Excercising / eating well.
    2. Socialising with close friends and loved ones.
    3. Trusting in God and feeling like I'm living for a greater purpose. Believing that God forgives you and living with a clear conscience makes a big difference.
    4. Certain hobbies. (Not video games but things that are social, push myself, and help me grow as a person). Right now I like rock climbing, and swing dancing.

    Maybe your life isn't balanced and healthy right now? My pastor literally yesterday told me a story about a guy who was depressed and just a week after changing his diet and exercising more ended up mostly coming out of his depression.
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    I felt just like you a few days ago. But keep in mind that nofap worked for a lot of people. What makes you think that it won't do it for you to? I think it is really important that you cut out activities that are time consuming or that make you think about doing pmo. Learn to cook, do exercise, study, read, etc. Hell, you can even be with a SO while doing no pmo.

    And even then, what good memories can you think of the whole time you did pmo? Nothing
    Compare that to the memories of you and a partner, or the good that it feels to think about that.

    Even if it takes a while, what are you going to do? Stick to pmo? Nah, we had enough of that.

    Edit: Also, I like to treat pmo addiction as any other addiction. Sure, it might not be good to go and tell on the first date ''oh, you were addicted to alcohol? I'm in recovery for pmo!'' because it might not be a good moment. But eventually you can talk about it with someone who is really close to you.
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  12. It’s the shame, guilt, and regret I feel. Half of me feels awesome—the other half of me feels like I’ve been dragged to hell. It’s more about what happened during my addiction rather than the addiction itself. Catch my drift? I know we all fuck up in life but some things are hard to let go and it shouldn’t be because I learned my lesson!
  13. If NoFap helps you forget about your past and straightens your natural sexuality back to normal then I’m all for it. Hell I’d do it the rest of my life
  14. Nail on the head right here. I just want to reincarnate or some shit back to the present moment without my mistakes
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  15. Farzium

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    NoFap isn't the only way, but I think it is the best way.
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    For me, knowledge is a crucial part of the puzzle. Fill your head with good information and evidence and strengthen your resolve to make good choices. Can I recommend Marc Lewis The neuroscience of addiction (all addictions) and all of the many Ted talks on porn addiction, all on youtube.

    Also I think you eluded to this yourself, but question and critique all of your thoughts if they raise a "red flag" The mind is still an unknown in many ways, where do our thoughts come from etc? Take it easy.
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