Is pornography prostitution? are we all johns?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by engelman, Sep 13, 2020.

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    I'm currently reading the book "Big Porn Inc: Exposing the Harms of the Global Pornography Industry" and in many of its articles equals pornography to prostitution. I think they're indeed the same thing. What do you think?
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    I sort of agree. It's a similiar obsession and unhealthy sexual habit. The difference for me is one is free and one you pay for. I feel once money gets involved it's a deeper addiciton
  3. Wikipedia says the following: Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment.

    So I think that there are two kinds of prostitution in porn movies combined:
    physical: two or more actors/actresses have sexual intercourse (sex for money, because most porn actors/actresses don't have sex for joy, but for money)
    visual: the actor/actress show up in the movie, to earn money

    When you pay for porn, you trade money with porn and when you watch porn for free, you trade your attention (to the commercials at the site) with porn. Like @Newlife33 I'd say that free porn is the "entry drug" in todays times and when it comes to specific fetishes and so on, paid porn may be your choice, when the addictions becomes deeper.
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    Completely agreed but I tend to avoid being a radical about things. I don't advocate for porn prohibition and I don't think it's wrong. It's an industry with harms like so many others and the reason I stopped to consume it is because I can't seem to see the difference between consuming moderately and addictively.
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    Hate to tell you this but rarely is anyone working for the joy of it. Even volunteeres do what they do to get some references/job experience/do that instead of going to jail. So in pretty much every job in the world people are in it only for money.

    Prostitution is a word with bad renown. There is abuse in it, sure, but it's just like in plenty of normal jobs, especially in the US where nothing prevents a restaurant owner from paying you $1,50/h.
    People instead of supporting to legalise prostitution and criminalise pimping want to ban it completely which is very unfair. I mean on one hand they say that prostitutes are in fact trafficed etc, but then are also hasty to criticise and shame them and go as far as to want them in prison. And that makes no sense at all.
    That probably helps clear some areas in the short run, but as you can see, in the US despite the long standing ban on prostitution, it is still a thing. Which means that it's a rather ineffective measure and I find it hard to believe that humans will one day forever stop offering and using sex for money.
    Instead of punishing people who indeed could be victims themselves, it would be so much better to regulate it very thoroughly instead. It probably won't fix it 100%, but at least would work better than the BS criminilisation.
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    I think that is a very interesting comparison to make and one that i agree with.
    I had a discussion with someone at work about this but specifically relating to Only Fans and other such sites.

    The issue relating to the porn industry and prostitution is way more complex, especially when trafficking, coercion etc is involved.
    This video shows just one persons story and how complex this issue really is.

    I came to this conclusion about Only Fans after becoming a subscriber myself earlier this year and it is something that ultimately lead me to take a good look at my life and make the decision to change.

    Once money is exchanged the person receiving the money is then, i believe, prostituting themselves, "engaging in sexual activity for payment".
    With the rise in popularity of Only Fans and many similar websites, especially over the last 6 months with lockdown being in place, more and more people have been looking for ways to earn money.
    Only Fans seems like an easy way to earn money without having a real or "proper" job.

    There have been success stories reported in the media, the BBC even made an hour long documentary about it.
    They featured an Only Fans model that was earning a substantial amount of money, well over £10,000/month.
    Selling your body for money is becoming very normalised.

    To a lesser extent Instagram is the same with regards to selling your body.
    Young women especially, are engaged by companies as "influencers" to sell and promote that company's brand and products and to sell a dream lifestyle.
    They are selling an image, often heavily sexualised and visually provocative to gain sales.
    These "influencers" are essentially selling their bodies for monetary gain and "free" holidays, clothes etc.

    My personal experience of exchanging money for sex involved subscribing to several accounts but i found the whole experience seedy and dirty.
    I only spent £24, subscribing to the accounts when the models were offering discounts to attract new subscribers.
    One particular account, a well established adult star, had posted, amongst several thousand photos, what i would only describe as "Happy Family Photos" of her, her husband and her dog.
    That wasn't the content i thought i would see and at the time i had no idea she was married (further research did confirm that yes she was indeed married).
    The dream i thought i was buying when i subscribed was just a sham and definitely a big wake up call to sort my life out.
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  7. En?gma

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    Pornography is filmed prostitution, just Porneia.
  8. I agree with you. It's just that most people think because they are not in the same room, that they are somehow removed from the situation despite their actions feeding the industry. Even after viewing something disgusting the user can just shut down the computer and go about their day and no one else is none the wiser. Would be harder to shake that off if performing the act with a prostitute. That would probably stay with someone for longer, much longer if you catch something nasty.

    It's not free, I think a lot of us here are paying a heavy price.
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  9. phwrancesco

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    Hmm no. They're different. Their "mission" is different, theyre business model is different.
  10. wow ...

    "a lot of times there are women like me that are being used for pornography. They pretend like they want to be there and they don't. They don't want to be there and they're humiliated. So when you do engage in pornography you're hurting a lot more than just yourself."
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    The word pornography was coined from Ancient Greek πορνογράφος (pornográphos), from πορνεία (porneía, “fornication, prostitution”) + γράφω (gráphō, “I depict”). Prostitution is even part of the word's composition so yes, it definitely is although not in the traditional sense. Pornography is as old as time itself but has considerably evolved over the ages, the premise being the same, people enjoying the gratifications of sexuality from a distance from a service of sorts, this in a way could be considered prostitution. Back in the 80s and partially the 90s when internet was not as globalized as today and was not as accessible obtaining this kind of material was not as easy, back then there were magazines, videotapes and there were even late night showings at movie theaters for adults only. This however did not apply equally in all countries and regions. Where i live for example coming across a magazine even could be really difficult or impossible, the showings in movie theaters did happen but were very discreet and not very advertised and cable tv was considered a luxury here only a number of people had, and local/national tv had none of that, this was in the 90s. If you wanted to use pornography you had to pay money, numerous amounts for the full experience if you so desired. So yes, we could say it has a form of prostitution. In the actual times this is debatable however given the degree of accesibility, and the monetary aspect goes for more specific services rather than a general thing.
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